A Road Trip to the Parco Dei Castelli Romani

Every year, around 29 million people visit Rome. It is a beautiful and vibrant city that is always busy, but just outside the bustling capital is some incredible nature, only a short road trip away. Just southeast of Rome is the beautiful Parco Dei Castelli Romani, which you can easily drive to in an hour […]

Budget Travel in Rome

Budget Travel in Rome: 8 Money-Saving Tips Every Wanderlust Should Know Over the years, traveling has become accessible to people from almost all walks of life. We’re lucky to live in an era where we get to go places without having to shell out a large sum of money, thanks to budget airlines and hostels […]

Things to consider before traveling Rome

It is obvious that Rome is one of the cities where it’s hard to see the whole city or best places if you came for a short time. To be frank, you should give it a good week or maybe more to discover, and see this Eternal City’s true history and beauty. Vatican, ancient Roman […]


Children running around a man playing cello in Trastevere

We write from the red zone. From Italy. From Rome. We receive everyday messages from all over the world. And the question is always the same: are you ok, are you alive? We are, thanks, although the coronavirus has changed our lives. Still, we are determined to fight. We are barricaded inside our house and […]

Palazzo Farnese: More than an Embassy

Palazzo Farnese

The Palazzo Farnese is the seat of the French embassy in Italy, but it is so much more than that. It is a paradigm of High Renaissance art and architecture!

Celebrating Carnival in Italy

Have you ever been in Italy in late January to the end of February?  Have you ever noticed confetti sprinkled everywhere on the streets?  Children wearing what seem to be Halloween costumes for days on end and thinking “what is going on”?   Welcome to the season of Carnevale!   Italians have a way of […]

5 Best Day Trips from Rome by Train

The town of Civita di Bagnoregio as taken from a distance with bridge and tufa cliffs

One of the best parts of visiting Italy is that you can get nearly anywhere by train. With this affordable travel option, you don’t have to worry about renting a vehicle and navigating a foreign country or waiting around in airports. Rome is the ideal home base for visiting Italy. Here are five of the […]

Italian Traditions and Holidays: La Befana

La Befana

What is your favorite part of Christmas?  Getting gifts, giving gifts, decorating the street, Christmas songs, Christmas sweaters (no you did not say you enjoy them, haha), or hanging your stocking near the fireplace.  I grew up on the North East Coast and it was tradition to light a fire and after the tree was […]

Panettone and the Italian Christmas Tradition

Eating Panettone is an amazing food experience

Panettone. The “big bread.” (Because this is what panettone just means, and yet and indeed it is The Big Thing when it comes to celebrating Christmas in Italy.) The most popular outcome of Italian pasticceria since its invention. Despite the challenging competition of other various sweets, panettone has become essentially a synonym of Christmas, and […]

The Keats Shelley Memorial House and the English Quarter

Keats Shelley Memorial House, Keats, Shelley, Piazza di Spagna, English Quarter, ghetto degli inglesi

The English Quarter–stretching roughly from Piazza di Spagna to Piazza del Popolo–is home to the Keats Shelley Memorial House and more. You’ve probably heard of the famous Roman Ghetto, the ghetto ebraico or Jewish neighbourhood, close to the River Tiber and the Teatro Marcello. Less known (and bearing a history significantly less steeped in tragedy), […]