What to See in the Roman Forum? The Basilica of Maxentius!

You can’t miss it. The Basilica of Maxentius dominates the labyrinthian ruins of the Roman Forum and towers over the Via dei Fori Imperiali. Countless tourists will have taken photos of this remarkable architectural wonder, that so immediately awes you with its sheer size and scale. Astonishingly, the Basilica of Maxentius only becomes more impressive when […]

Rome’s Lost Treasures: The Temple of Peace

Could it be? One of the most beautiful creations the world had ever seen? Both Pliny and Herodian pondered this; the latter called The Temple of Peace “the largest and most beautiful of all the buildings in the city”. In Rome — a city already renowned for its architectural splendor — the Temple of Peace […]

The First of Its Kind: “Leonardo da Vinci Experience” Museum

Leonardo da Vinci Experience, Leonardo da Vinci, Via della Conciliazione, exhibition, art, Renaissance art, museum

The “Leonardo da Vinci Experience” exhibition is the first of its kind–and the only one of its kind in the world–hosting a collection of da Vinci’s work.

Is An Insta Boyfriend Better Than an Actual Boyfriend?

Roma Experience's Insta Boyfriend Is a Professional Photographer Who'll Take Perfect Holiday Photos of You in Rome

Roma Experience understand the social importance of great holiday pics for the ’gram; so you can inspire healthy jealously in all your desk-bound friends, when they sneak green-eyed side-glances at their phone. Great Insta pics let the whole world know you’re flexin’ on your holiday and you’ve never looked better – which is why they […]

Modern American Art in the Heart of Rome’s Historic Centre

Warhol, Pollock, art, Rome, exhibitions, Altare della Patria, Vittoriano, foro romano

Whether you are an art lover or simply curious, visiting the Pollock and Warhol exhibitions is an excellent way to spend an afternoon in Rome.

The 5 Best Day Trips From Rome

Tour of Ostia Antica, Ostia Antica, Ostia Antica Tour