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About Roma Experience

Roma Experience has spent more than 10 years striving to provide the most exceptional guided tours in Italy. Our mission is to turn your travel experience into an unforgettable journey that you will cherish forever. We achieve this by offering personalised attention and services that create perfect holiday memories.


We believe that personalised attention is the key to a memorable travel experience. We take care of every detail, from airport transfers to hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, and guided tours. We offer a range of tours that are designed to suit your interests, whether you're a history buff, an art lover, a foodie, or simply looking for a relaxing vacation.

Elisa, an archaeologist, expert tour guide & CEO, aims to curate experiences that put Italy’s exceptionalism front and centre from cultural heritage to local food & wine in order to offer tourists from all over the world a privileged look at more authentic facets of Italy; "we want to show you a side of the country that combines famous monuments but also hidden places that might have been forgotten by tourists but are no less beautiful."

About the CEO

Our mission is to bring the essence of Italy into the journey of those who choose us, of those who believe that exploring a new land means breathing in its scents, knowing its traditions & experiencing its history through its monuments, landscapes & stories of the people who live there. Having a guided tour with Roma Experience means immersing yourself in this whirlwind of colours & history that is our peninsula & returning home with unique & indelible memories.


Exceptional customer service & attention to detail are what guide us to create unique travel experiences. We aim to provide individual & personal attention to our guests from the planning process to the tours themselves. For us, customers are not a number, we do not use call centres that answer your questions but rather the people who have created this company & who want to give you the best possible experience. We do not sell market strategies but a product that reflects our research, passion & love for the real Italy, one made up of people, history & charm. We are also extremely flexible, & we love to include customised itineraries to meet our customer's needs, so you can find the most satisfaction from your trip.​

Customer Service

Experience Italy authentically through the wisdom of our exceptional team. Each guide is officially licensed, ensuring the utmost professionalism and expertise in their respective regions. Our sommeliers and food connoisseurs boast the highest accolades from Italian authorities, granting you access to the true flavors and stories of Italy. With a diverse linguistic offering, including English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, and more, our experts effortlessly transcend language barriers to deliver unforgettable experiences for every guest.

Licensed Tour Guides

We are proud to have a team of passionate, enthusiastic & exceptionally trained tour guides. Our guides are archaeologists, art historians & restorers who are also storytellers who love to create a connection with customers as they share their love for Italy. Our tour guides are professionals who are flexible to the needs of their guests & careful to direct the conversation towards all listeners, bringing to life the stories & events of the places visited.

Discover Italy Through the Eyes of Experts

Our company is dedicated to not only financing non-profit endeavors that uplift children globally but also to driving forward projects that celebrate Italy's rich heritage. We proudly champion initiatives that showcase the very best of Italian tourism, culture, and the tantalizing flavors of food and wine. Join us as we make a difference, nurturing young minds and preserving Italy's treasures for generations to come.

Discover a World Where Passion Meets Purpose

We're here to ignite that spark of wonder in your eyes, as you discover the magic of new places. We want to be the reason behind your end-of-day smile, a reflection of an adventure that's nothing short of unforgettable. And when you laugh, filled with delight, that's our Roma Experience coming to life. We're not just about travel, we're about creating moments that make your journey extraordinary.


CEO | Roma Experience

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