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A Road Trip to the Parco Dei Castelli Romani

Every year, around 29 million people visit Rome. It is a beautiful and vibrant city that is always busy, but just outside the bustling capital is some incredible nature, only a short road trip away. Just southeast of Rome is the beautiful Parco Dei Castelli Romani, which you can easily drive to in an hour – it is a picturesque and scenic journey through the Alban hills. When you get to the national park, you can explore, cycle, hike, enjoy some watersports and even visit the museum to learn more about the history of the area.

view of lake nemi near rome italy
Lake Nemi | Italy

Getting to the Parco Dei Castelli Romani

If you are taking a journey outside of Rome, it is important that you choose a vehicle that is suitable for a trip on the road. A small and compact car is a good idea, that can handle the narrow Italian roads. The car should also be in good repair with a spare tyre and you are required by law to have a reflective jacket, warning triangle and headlamp beam deflectors. To get to the park from Rome, you will need to take the SS7 southeast and then the SP217. It is 23km away from the city.

Nature and wildlife

There is much to see in the way of wildlife at the Parco dei Castelli Romani, including fallow deer and wild boar. If you are interested in birds, you can see on the lakes, Great Crested Grebes, Pochards, Cormorants, Coots and Little Grebes. Bigger birds include Peregrine falcons, Sparrowhawks and Kestrels. There is also a local species of tortoise that lives down by the lakes. If you’re very lucky on your trip, you can spot porcupines – just don’t get too close. There are also wolves which are considered a valuable part of the local ecosystem.

Activities at the Park

It is worth joining an organized tour when visiting the Parco dei Castelli Romani. You will then be able to learn about the history of the area, see the medieval castles and the ancient archaeological ruins. There is also a 14th century fortress which at one time was used as a jail. You can see more of the park on a cycle ride, both on and off road, or by taking part in some trekking, and you can even take part in a horse-riding expedition.

You could easily spend a couple of days exploring the Parco dei Castelli Romani. Being only a short drive from Rome, it is perfect for a road trip. If you are from another country and planning a road trip in Italy then you need to get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).


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