Roma Experience Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2019

This October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The aim is to spread awareness about breast cancer, encourage self-examination among women, to raise money to beat breast cancer and support those who are suffering.

For all of October, Roma Experience will donate a portion of our sales on the website to the Susan G Komen Foundation, a charity which researches breast cancer cures and cares for those suffering.

Breast cancer awareness is a cause particularly close to the Roma Experience’s team’s heart, because of the personal experience of our business development partner, Robert Pardi. Rob’s wife suffered from breast cancer and, sadly, lost the battle 10 years ago. Rob wants to support people undergoing breast cancer treatment and research which is seeking to cure this disease.

“When my wife was first diagnosed back in the late 1990’s, it was very rare for a 30-year-old woman to have stage 3 breast cancer”, says Rob.  “I was told her outlook was bleak, but thanks to continued research and discoveries funded in part by organizations like the Susan G Komen Foundation, my wife lived a high quality of life for 11 years after her diagnosis.  I am so thankful that my company is taking a stand against this disease with me.”

This October, Roma Experience will do our bit to fight breast cancer.

Who We’ll Give To

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

We’ll give to the Susan G Komen Foundation, a cause close to the Roma Experience Team’s Heart because of how they supported the wife of our business development partner, Robert Pardi.

The Susan G Komen Foundation fund screenings throughout America (212,324 women were screened last year, thanks to their initiatives), provide care for those suffering and conduct innovative breast cancer research. Rob is so grateful for how they helped him, and now he wants to give something back – with your help.

Every tour you purchase on our site in October will help support the Susan G Komen Foundation in their awesome work.

Breast Cancer Globally

Each year, 1.38 million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer and 458,000 people die. Women are more likely to suffer from breast cancer than any other form of cancer. The majority of breast cancers (an astonishing 80%) occur in women over 50.

Unfortunately, there is still no definitive answer as to what causes breast cancer. That’s why early detection is so crucial to treat the disease. When breast cancer is detected in good time, in a country where diagnosis and treatment are readily available, there’s a strong chance a sufferer will experience a full recovery. In the cases where breast cancer is detected too late, palliative care is often the only option.

Over half of breast cancer deaths (269,000) each year occur in countries in the developing world. Often, this is because women do not know how to self-examine and health care is inaccessible to them.

How to Self-Examine

Woman Holding a Huge Pink Bra with Bras in the Background
Make sure you check your breasts!

Most breast cancer awareness campaigns in the developed world focus on self-examination, because in countries where health care is accessible, early diagnosis is what makes the biggest difference in beating the illness.

Britain’s CoppaFeel! Campaign has been one of the most effective at drawing attention to the need for self-examination.

They advise women to look and feel to get the best assessment of their breasts:

  • Look for any changes in the texture of the skin, be it rippling or dimpling.
  • Feel for unusual lumps, bumps, or any thickening.
  • Look to see if there’s any discharge from the nipple or crust around it.
  • Look and see if nipples have changed direction or position.
  • Feel for persistent pain localized in armpit or breast.
  • Look for swelling in your armpit or near your collarbone.
  • Look to see if size or shape have changed.
  • Look for rashes on the breast or nipple.

 It’s advised that women perform a thorough examination every month, looking and feeling for the symptoms above.

To perform a thorough breast exam:

  1. Stand in the mirror and visually assess breasts
  2. Raise your arms and see if breasts have changed
  3. Feel your breasts while lying down, using the opposite arm to feel each breast
  4. Feel your breasts while standing or sitting straight up.

If you look or feel for the above symptoms, and follow this step-by-step guide to breast examination, you have a good chance of catching the cancer before it advances.

Give Something Back

Roma Experience put passion and creativity into the business of tours, which is why we want to give something back. Cancer can inflict terrible pain on bright and brilliant people, and we want to help lessen the burden. For every tour that’s bought in October, we’ll donate a portion of the profits to charities which help fight breast cancer.

by Annie Beverley

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