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We write from the red zone. From Italy. From Rome. We receive everyday messages from all over the world. And the question is always the same: are you ok, are you alive? We are, thanks, although the coronavirus has changed our lives. Still, we are determined to fight. We are barricaded inside our house and need to have a written declaration to go out to the grocery. We work from home. As you might know, museums are closed and so are the main archaeological sites like the Roman Forum and the Colosseum in Rome. But we don’t give up.

Now, the authorities have declared Italy and Rome a red zone until April 3. The main goal is to delay the impact of the coronavirus, so that hospitals can treat all those affected by the virus. We all comply with the rules, and we leave our house only for food or health emergency. We are all committed to win this battle. And we will, rest assured.

What Happens Today

The feeling is that the quarantine of this amazing country will be extended beyond April 3. Possibly after Easter or April. Today the virus is spreading in the US and Europe. But according to USA Today and the BBC the virus has been curbed in Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic. One month and a half after its explosion, China is winning against the disease. Some realistic calculations foresee a return to normality in a couple of months. Let’s say mid-May. According to some doctors, also warmer weather will help to stop the contagion of the coronavirus. Nobody knows for sure, but we know that at some point in two-three months we will go back to normal.

Rebirth and Resurrection

We know that soon this situation will go away and we can finally celebrate spring. Isn’t this what spring is all about after all, after the long winter? Resurrection, regeneration, rebirth. So we are thinking: what can we do to signal and celebrate that resurrection of a boisterous and lively town like Rome? They call it the Eternal City for a reason. Many times it has fallen, many times it has risen up. It has been on top of the world and at the bottom. It has been sieged and sacked. It has been rebuilt and transformed, every time surging up to new life.


Whether you are in Rome or not, we want all of you to be with us. We want to feel your love for this city and we want to give you our love. Even if you can’t travel. If you can, we would be so happy to open the doors of Rome to you again. If you can’t, we hope you might want to join us in a different way. We will launch a series of tour webinars — we call them webitours! — with one of our amazing tour guides introducing you to the highlights of the city. Rome will become a live show!

Follow our Webitours

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We look forward to meeting you again soon in Italy!

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