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See Rome in One Day

With Colosseum & Sistine Chapel

See Rome in One Day

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With Colosseum & Sistine Chapel

  • Transfer from Rome centre to Vatican City

    Expert Private Guide

    Skip-the-line tickets

    Duration: 7 hrs

  • Sistine Chapel

    Vatican Museums

    Navona Square

    Trevi Fountain


  • 5 persons: € 1,816
    4 persons: € 1,687
    3 persons: € 1,558
    2 persons: € 1,429
    1 person: € 1,299
    10 persons: € 2,461
    9 persons: € 2,332
    8 persons: € 2,203
    7 persons: € 2,074
    6 persons: € 1,945

Tour Details

Private Tour of Rome

See Rome in a Day - From Ancient Gladiators to Papal Splendor

Introduction: A Timeless Journey Through the Eternal City

Discover the essence of Rome in a single day on this exclusive private tour. From the echoing roars of the Colosseum to the divine whispers of the Sistine Chapel, embark on a curated journey that weaves together the rich tapestry of Rome's multifaceted history.

I. Colosseum: Arena of Legends

Echoes of Ancient Valor

Bypass the queues and step into the Colosseum, the grand amphitheater that once held the city's breath with its gladiatorial spectacles. As you traverse its ancient corridors, envision the epic battles that captivated millions and defined an era.

II. Trevi Fountain: Rome's Baroque Masterpiece

Wishes and Dreams in Stone

Journey to the iconic Trevi Fountain, where art and legend converge. Toss a coin and make a wish, as you delve into the tales of how Rome's ancient aqueducts transformed into magnificent gathering spots under Papal influence.

III. Navona Square: The Heartbeat of Baroque Rome

A Piazza of Stories and Splendor

Stroll through the vibrant Piazza Navona, a testament to Rome's Baroque era. Here, fountains, art, and architecture come together in a harmonious dance, narrating tales of a city that seamlessly blended its ancient roots with Christian traditions.

IV. Vatican Museums: Treasures of the Papacy

A Gallery of Divine Artistry

After a rejuvenating lunch break, journey to the Vatican Museums with priority access. Marvel at a collection that showcases the unparalleled influence and grandeur of the Papacy. From ancient sculptures to Renaissance masterpieces, every artifact tells a story of faith, art, and power.

V. Sistine Chapel: Michelangelo's Celestial Vision

Heavenly Hues and Sacred Stories

Conclude your tour with the awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel. Gaze upwards and lose yourself in Michelangelo's divine frescoes, a testament to human creativity and divine inspiration.

Rome's Essence Captured in a Day

With a city as vast and rich as Rome, having a knowledgeable guide is paramount. This tour promises a seamless and enriching experience, ensuring you witness the highlights and hidden gems of Rome in a single, unforgettable day. Join us and let the stories of emperors, popes, artists, and everyday Romans come alive, painting a vivid picture of the Eternal City's enduring legacy.

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With Colosseum & Sistine Chapel

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