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Express Rome Tour

With Colosseum & Sistine Chapel

Express Rome Tour

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With Colosseum & Sistine Chapel

  • Transfer from Rome centre to Vatican City

    Expert Private Guide

    Skip-the-line tickets

    Duration: 3 hrs

  • Last Judgment

    Gallery of Maps

    Sistine Chapel


  • 5 persons: € 787
    4 persons: € 688
    3 persons: € 589
    2 persons: € 490
    1 person: € 420
    10 persons: NA
    9 persons: NA
    8 persons: NA
    7 persons: € 985
    6 persons: € 886

Tour Details

Express Rome Tour

Dive Deep into the Heart of Rome with the Colosseum & and Sistine Chapel

Introduction: A Swift Sojourn Through Rome's Timeless Wonders

Embark on a whirlwind journey that captures the essence of Rome's unparalleled grandeur. Designed for the discerning traveler with a keen eye for beauty but limited time on their hands, this Express Rome Tour promises an immersive experience into the city's most iconic landmarks.

I. Colosseum: Echoes of Ancient Valor

Stepping into the Arena

Begin your adventure at the colossal Colosseum, Rome's testament to its ancient glory. With our privileged skip-the-line access, you'll bypass the throngs and step directly into the world's most iconic amphitheater.

Stories Set in Stone

As you traverse the Colosseum's first and second tiers, panoramic views of ancient Rome unfold before you. Let our seasoned guide transport you back in time, narrating tales of fierce gladiators, roaring crowds, and the intricate tapestry of Imperial Rome. Every stone, every archway, whispers tales of a bygone era, waiting to be unveiled.

II. Sistine Chapel: Michelangelo's Celestial Canvas

Navigating the Vatican's Treasures

Journey next to the heart of the Vatican City. Bypassing the meandering queues, you'll be ushered directly into the epicenter of Renaissance brilliance - the Sistine Chapel. As we make our way, take a moment to marvel at the intricate Gallery of Maps, a testament to cartographic artistry.

A Ceiling Like No Other

Beneath the Sistine Chapel's vaulted ceilings, witness Michelangelo's magnum opus, a breathtaking tableau of creation and divine intervention. Despite his initial reservations, Michelangelo's frescoes have become synonymous with artistic perfection, resonating with viewers for over half a millennium.

Decoding Divine Artistry

With your guide by your side, delve deeper into the stories, controversies, and artistic nuances that define the Sistine Chapel. From the intricate details of the "Last Judgment" to the symbolism woven into each fresco, gain a richer appreciation of this unparalleled masterpiece.

Rome's Essence, Captured in a Day

The Express Rome Tour is more than a mere sightseeing expedition; it's a curated experience that brings Rome's history and artistry to life. With expert insights and a carefully crafted itinerary, this tour ensures that even in a short span, you touch the very soul of Rome, leaving with memories that will last a lifetime.

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With Colosseum & Sistine Chapel

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