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Ostia Antica

From Rome by Private Car

Ostia Antica

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From Rome by Private Car

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    Duration: 4.5 hrs

  • Square of Corporations

    The Forum

    Theatre of Ostia

    Neptune Baths


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    6 persons: € 1,665

Tour Details

Private Tour of Ostia Antica

Journey Through Time to Ancient Rome's Port City

Introduction: A Portal to Ancient Rome's Daily Life

Venture beyond the modern hustle of Rome and step into Ostia Antica, a sprawling archaeological treasure that offers a vivid glimpse into the lives of ordinary Romans from bygone eras. This tour promises an immersive experience, where ancient roads, homes, and temples beckon you to unravel their stories.

I. Thermopolium: The Ancient Roman Bistro

A Glimpse into Culinary Traditions

Begin your journey at the Thermopolium, where ancient Romans once gathered for meals and refreshments. Imagine the aromas of traditional dishes wafting through the air as merchants and travelers exchanged tales over hearty meals.

II. Neptune Baths: A Testament to Roman Luxury

Mosaic Masterpieces Underfoot

Step into the Neptune Baths, where intricate mosaic floors depict scenes from mythology. Feel the opulence of ancient Roman spa culture, where relaxation and rejuvenation were an art form.

III. Theatre of Ostia: Echoes of Ancient Performances

Centuries-Old Stage with Modern Resonance

Marvel at the grandeur of the Theatre of Ostia, a testament to the city's vibrant arts scene. This ancient amphitheater, still hosting performances today, resonates with the applause and drama of yesteryears.

IV. The Forum: Heartbeat of Ostia Antica

Civic Life and Social Gatherings

Journey to the Forum, the epicenter of political and social activities. Envision senators debating, merchants negotiating, and citizens socializing in this bustling public square.

V. Square of Corporations: Ostia's Business Hub

Trade Tales Etched in Stone

Conclude your tour at the Square of Corporations, where ancient inscriptions reveal the city's thriving trade and commerce. Each stone tells a story of merchants, sailors, and guilds that once made Ostia a bustling port city.

Rediscover Ancient Rome's Port City

Ostia Antica is more than just ruins; it's a living testament to the daily lives of ancient Romans. From bustling bistros to grand theaters, this tour offers a comprehensive view of a city that once thrived at the heart of the Roman Empire. Journey with us by car from Rome and let the echoes of the past captivate your imagination, ensuring memories that linger long after your return.

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