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An Evening in Trevinano “The Enogastronomic Part of Tuscia”

During our journey to Tuscia, we had the immense pleasure to spend a night in the medieval Castel of Trevinano, the property of Prince Alessandrojacopo Boncompagni Ludovisi.

During what turned out to be a truly fairytale-like evening, we enjoyed a Michelin star dinner prepared by chef Iside de Cesare. Listening to the sound of burning logs in the fireplace we tasted the exceptional products of Tuscia accompanied by the wines of the Tenuta di Fiorano.

plate of fine dining food
Italian Fine Dining

Tenuta di Fiorano vineyard is property of Prince Alessandrojacopo Boncompagni Ludovisi, inherited from his cousin Alberico to whom he made a solemn promise to maintain the tradition of viticulture according to his teaching.

Alberico was a pioneer in winemaking because he was one of the first winegrowers that brought international grape varieties, such as cabernet sauvignon and merlot to the Italian peninsula – grapes that by the way are still cultivated in the Tenuta di Fiorano.

The wines of Fiorano are produced from grapes that grow in the picturesque vineyard located along the Ancient Appian way, just a stone's throw away from the centre of Rome. The black mineral soil of Vulcano Laziale, the hot southern sun and the breeze from the Mediterranean Sea are some of the factors that contribute to the birth of what without doubt are some of the greatest wines of the Lazio Region.

The winery produces 4 wines - two easy-to-drink, fresh and fruity wines named “Fioranello” (the young ones of the Fiorano family) and two top-shelf, prize-winning wines named “Fiorano”.

The elegant white label carries the crest of the family a dragon (symbol of the Boncompagni) and red stripes (symbol of the Ludovisi).

Fioranello Wine Collection

The wine Fioranello Bianco (white) is made from grechetto and viogner. It’s a fresh and fruity wine, ideal for a summer aperitivo or to pair with simple fish or white meat dishes. We had it with marinated fish coregone.

plate of fish coregone
Marinated Fish Coregone

Fioranello Rosso is a 100% cabernet sauvignon that ages for a year in barriques, this allows the wine to maintain perfectly intact crisp red fruit sensations and pleasant vegetal notes that are mitigated by the light spiciness added by the wood ageing. This is an everyday wine that doesn’t require a white table cloth and candelabra-light dinner. Smooth tannins and pleasant sapidity give the wine a long-lasting finish.

Fiorano Bianco is a blend of grechetto and viogner. It’s produced in the old “cantina”, following the most simple and traditional methods. It ages and matures in wooden barrels kept in the cave right under the main house of the winery. The golden colour of the wine is the reflection of the perfect maturity of the grapes while the aroma is spell-bounding. Fresh mature exotic fruits, dry apricot, candied orange peel, anis and Mediterranean herbs are just some of the aromas that compare in the wine. This full-bodied wine during our dinner was paired with beef tartare and hazelnuts.

Fiorano Rosso, a blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot is an important, full-bodied red wine that needs a few years in wooden barrels and many years in bottle to mature. This wine can easily overpower a dish therefore it needs to be carefully paired or you can also drink it as we did at the

Castello di Trevinano, sitting by the fireplace, enjoying wonderful conversation and the company of friends.



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