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Mussolini's Rome


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While Rome is famous for her stories of Emperors & Popes, the eternal city’s modern history is no less dramatic & fascinating. In this tour focused on Mussolini & Fascist Italy, you’ll gain valuable insight into Italy’s early 20th century & WWII history.


The humble origins of Benito Mussolini were left in the dust when he took control of the Italian government in the 1920s. His leadership of the fascist party was a complex time for Italy, in some ways a period of growth & hope but which led to dangerous alliances during World War II & the eventual death of Mussolini himself. You’ll visit the Mussolini Headquarters of the fascist party in the centre of Rome on a walk from the Colosseum to Venice Square as your guide traces the damages done to the ancient Roman Forum by the construction of the great boulevard which is still in use today. You’ll also get a chance to visit Villa Torlonia, the villa he rented with his family.


Lastly, you’ll head to one of Rome’s most fascinating modern neighbourhoods known as EUR. This Italian fascist district embodies the spirit of Italian Fascism as a continuation of the glorious ancient Roman past & an extension of the imperial power that Mussolini hoped to embody in his constructions that include even a “square” Colosseum. The austere Fascist Architecture you’ll see tells the story of Mussolini’s hopes for his regime & how he wanted to be portrayed to the world. Built as a new downtown that would never become the hub of activity il Duce imagined, the EUR neighbourhood is unlike any other part of Rome.

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