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Caravaggio Rome Tour

Exclusive Access to Restoration Lab

Caravaggio Rome Tour

Our luxury, tailored tours are specifically crafted to cater to your unique desires, offering an unparalleled and memorable journey. While these exclusive tours aren't available for online booking, we're here to help you secure your spot. Reach out to us using the form, and let's create moments you'll cherish forever.

Experience Elegance
Tailored Luxury Tours Just for You

Exclusive Access to Restoration Lab

  • Private Car Pick-up | Drop-off

    Expert Private Guide


    Duration: 2 hrs

  • Wine Aperitif Included

    Visit to Caravaggio Restoration Lab

    Cycle of St. Mathew

    St. Augustine

    St. Louis of the French

  • 5 persons: NA
    4 persons: NA
    3 persons: NA
    2 persons: € 1,690
    1 person: € 1,690
    10 persons: NA
    9 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    6 persons: NA

Tour Details

The Art of Reviving Art

Caravaggio's Rome Revealed

Introduction: The Craft Behind Preserving Masterpieces

Dive deep into the world of art restoration, a meticulous craft vital for safeguarding Italy's treasured paintings. On this unparalleled Caravaggio Rome private tour, you'll gain exclusive entry to a premier Restoration Lab. Witness firsthand the intricate process of rejuvenating Italy's iconic artworks and delve into the stories behind them.

I. Caravaggio: The Rebel of the Baroque Era

A Life Painted with Drama and Genius

Caravaggio, a trailblazer of the Baroque period, led a life as vivid and tumultuous as his paintings. His narrative is a tapestry of intrigue, scandal, and unparalleled artistic prowess. As you journey through Rome, you'll encounter Caravaggio's masterpieces, each echoing tales of his life and revolutionary techniques.

II. Original Settings: Art in Context

Witnessing Masterpieces in Their Birthplace

Experience the magic of viewing four of Caravaggio's works in their original Roman locations, precisely where they were envisioned to be. At the Church of Sant'Agostino, the "Madonna dei Pellegrini" unveils a fresh portrayal of divinity. While Caravaggio's humanized Mary resonated with many, the revelation that the model was a famed local courtesan has stirred debates for centuries.

In San Luigi dei Francesi, the poignant Cycle of St. Matthew showcases Caravaggio's pioneering use of chiaroscuro, a play of light and shadow that forever transformed art.

III. Behind the Scenes: The Restoration Studio

Breathing Life Back into Classics

Step into the revered restoration studio, granting special access to our esteemed guests. This sanctuary has revived masterpieces by luminaries like Tintoretto, Raphael, and even Caravaggio's "Madonna dei Pellegrini". Here, immerse yourself in the world of restoration. Witness experts breathe life into age-old paintings, peek into the x-ray machine unveiling concealed layers, and grasp the intricate methodologies and tools that revive art to its former glory.

A Journey Through Time and Craft

This isn't merely a tour; it's an odyssey through Rome's artistic heritage, blending the genius of Caravaggio with the delicate craft of restoration. Join us, and let the tales of art, drama, and revival unfold before your eyes.


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