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Palazzo Colonna Tour

Private Visit of Princess Isabelle's Apartment

Palazzo Colonna Tour

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Private Visit of Princess Isabelle's Apartment

  • Private Car Pick-up | Drop-off

    Expert Private Guide


    Duration: 2.5 hrs

  • Princess Isabelle's Apartment

    Assumption of the Virgin

    The Bean Eater

    Colonna Palace


  • 5 persons: NA
    4 persons: NA
    3 persons: NA
    2 persons: € 3,980
    1 person: € 3,980
    10 persons: NA
    9 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    6 persons: NA

Tour Details

Palazzo Colonna 

Rome's Aristocratic Grandeur Unveiled

Introduction: A Portal to Rome's Regal Past

Step into the world of aristocratic Rome with Roma Experience's exclusive tour of Palazzo Colonna. This architectural marvel, standing tall amidst Rome's skyline, is a living testament to the Colonna family's illustrious legacy. With over eight centuries of history, this palace is not just a structure but a chronicle of time, art, and power. And now, for our esteemed guests, its doors swing open, revealing tales of grandeur, artistry, and a touch of Hollywood charm.

I. Palazzo Colonna: An Odyssey of Opulence

A Walk Through Time

Begin your journey with a stroll through the palace's grand halls, where every corner whispers tales from the past. The intricate marble floors, the walls adorned with timeless frescoes, and the ceilings that seem to touch the heavens, all come together to paint a picture of Roman luxury. And as you wander, you'll be treading the same paths as the stars of 'Roman Holiday', adding a touch of cinematic magic to the experience.

II. The Artistic Heartbeat: Masterpieces Galore

Witnessing Artistic Evolution

The palace is more than just its architecture; it's a treasure trove of art. From the grandeur of the Roman Baroque style to the intricate details of masterpieces by renowned artists, every room is a gallery, every corner a showcase. The likes of Bronzino, Carracci, and Tintoretto grace the walls, each piece narrating a unique story, each artwork a window into a bygone era.

III. Princess Isabelle's Apartments: Elegance Personified

A Glimpse of Royal Living

No exploration of Palazzo Colonna is complete without stepping into Princess Isabelle's Apartments. This sanctuary of art, reminiscent of the opulence of Versailles, offers a peek into the life of a princess with Byzantine roots. Every artifact, every artwork, is a testament to her refined taste and her love for art.

A Symphony of Art, History, and Grandeur

The Palazzo Colonna tour is more than just a walk through a palace; it's a journey through time, a dance of light and shadow, and a celebration of Rome's undying spirit of grandeur. Join us on this exclusive tour and let the walls of Palazzo Colonna narrate tales that have stood the test of time.


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