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Wine & Art in Tuscia Tour

Caprarola & Wine Tasting

Wine & Art in Tuscia Tour

Our luxury, tailored tours are specifically crafted to cater to your unique desires, offering an unparalleled and memorable journey. While these exclusive tours aren't available for online booking, we're here to help you secure your spot. Reach out to us using the form, and let's create moments you'll cherish forever.

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Caprarola & Wine Tasting

  • Luxury Car & Driver

    Expert Private Guide

    3 Course Lunch

    5 Wines to Taste

    Duration: 10 hrs

  • Wine Tasting & Lunch in Blera

    Room of Geographic Maps

    Staircase of Vignola

    Palazzo Farnese Gardens

    Palazzo Farnese

  • 5 persons: NA
    4 persons: NA
    3 persons: NA
    2 persons: € 2,790
    1 person: € 2,790
    10 persons: NA
    9 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    6 persons: NA

Tour Details

Renaissance Grandeur and Tuscan Flavors 

A Journey Through Caprarola

Introduction: The Splendor of Renaissance and the Essence of Tuscia

Join Roma Experience on a captivating journey to Caprarola, a stone's throw from Rome, where the monumental Palazzo Farnese stands as a testament to Renaissance brilliance. This tour offers an immersive dive into the architectural and artistic wonders of the 16th century, complemented by the rich flavors of Tuscia's renowned wines.

I. The Majestic Palazzo Farnese: A Pentagon of Perfection

Renaissance Rigor and Papal Prestige

Step into the world of Alessandro Farnese, the cardinal nephew of Pope Paul III, as you explore the Palazzo Farnese, celebrated as history's first pentagon due to its unique five-sided design. This architectural marvel showcases the Church's administrative prowess and its ascent to opulent leisure. Marvel at the rhythmic elevations and intricate designs that epitomize Renaissance rigor.

II. Artistic Wonders: From Helical Staircases to Mythological Frescoes

A Timeless Journey Through Art and Imagination

Witness the genius of artists like Vignola, who brought to life architectural wonders that have captivated generations. The helical staircase, seamlessly connecting two distinct floors, offers a mesmerizing experience, transporting visitors back in time. Delve into the palace's frescoes that echo ancient mythologies and the enchanting Italian gardens that exude Renaissance charm.

III. The Farnese Empyrean: A Tapestry of Tales and Thoughts

Renaissance Narratives and Metaphysical Envelopes

Immerse yourself in the winter and summer rooms, adorned with seductive paintings that narrate the cardinal's tales and thoughts. Experience the Farnese empyrean, masterfully depicted by painters Federico Zuccari and Antonio Tempesta. In the Room of Geographic Maps, a precursor to the Vatican's map gallery, uncover the scientific endeavors that paved the way for modern cartography.

IV. Tuscan Flavors in Tuscia: Wine Tasting and Gourmet Lunch

A Culinary Odyssey Amidst Lush Countryside

Conclude your journey with a gourmet lunch and wine tasting at an award-winning winery nestled in the heart of the Latium countryside. Savor blends reminiscent of renowned Tuscan wines and indulge in one of Italy's most intriguing red wines.

A Symphony of Art, History, and Flavor in Tuscia

For those seeking an authentic Tuscia experience, this tour promises memories that intertwine the grandeur of Renaissance art with the allure of Italian wines.


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