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Quintili's Villa Tour

With Wine Tasting in a Princes' Estate

Quintili's Villa Tour

Our luxury, tailored tours are specifically crafted to cater to your unique desires, offering an unparalleled and memorable journey. While these exclusive tours aren't available for online booking, we're here to help you secure your spot. Reach out to us using the form, and let's create moments you'll cherish forever.

Experience Elegance
Tailored Luxury Tours Just for You

With Wine Tasting in a Princes' Estate

  • Private Car Pick-up | Drop-off

    Expert Private Guide


    Duration: 4 hrs

  • 3 Wines, Cheeses & Salami

    Guests at a Prince's Estate

    Roman Baths

    Romans Mosaics

    Quintili's Villa

  • 5 persons: NA
    4 persons: NA
    3 persons: NA
    2 persons: € 1,690
    1 person: € 1,690
    10 persons: NA
    9 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    6 persons: NA

Tour Details

A Royal Blend of History and Flavor

Quintili's Villa and Vineyards

Introduction: A Unique Confluence of Italy's Richness

Roma Experience invites you on a one-of-a-kind journey that marries Italy's illustrious archaeological heritage with its celebrated wine culture. Dive into a world where the past meets the present, as you savor the flavors of Italy's renowned wines while exploring the remnants of its ancient grandeur. This tour offers an unparalleled experience, combining wine tasting and archaeology, set against the backdrop of a Prince's estate, exclusively accessible to our esteemed guests.

I. The Ancient Path: Appian Way and Quintili's Villa

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Embark on a brief exploration of the Appian Way, Rome's ancient lifeline. Your guide will then lead you to the ruins of Quintili's Villa, a hidden gem away from the usual tourist trails. This villa stands as a testament to ancient Roman opulence, with its majestic arches that have withstood time, private thermal baths, and intricate mosaic floors. The villa's allure was such that Emperor Commodus, in his greed, orchestrated the demise of its owners to claim it as his own.

II. From Antiquity to Aristocracy: A Prince's Vineyard

Sip and Savor in Royal Surroundings

Journey from the remnants of ancient luxury to the refined elegance of the present as you venture further along the Appian Way to a Prince's estate. This estate, steeped in history, belongs to a lineage that boasts connections to multiple Popes.

Here, indulge in a tasting of three award-winning organic wines, perfectly paired with select cheeses and salami. As you sip, wander amidst the vineyards, feeling the lavic soil beneath your feet and learning about the organic methods that lend these wines their distinct character. And if the stars align, you might even have the honor of meeting the prince in person. This is not just a wine tour; it's an immersion into Italy's rich tapestry of history and flavor.

A Toast to Italy's Timeless Elegance

For those seeking an Italian wine tour that transcends the ordinary, this private experience promises memories that will linger long after the last drop of wine has been savored.


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