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Rome Catacomb Tour

Exclusive Underground Access

Rome Catacomb Tour

Our luxury, tailored tours are specifically crafted to cater to your unique desires, offering an unparalleled and memorable journey. While these exclusive tours aren't available for online booking, we're here to help you secure your spot. Reach out to us using the form, and let's create moments you'll cherish forever.

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Exclusive Underground Access

  • Private Car Pick-up | Drop-off

    Expert Private Guide


    Duration: 3 hrs

  • Exclusive Access to Catacomb

    Church of St. John & Paul

    Museum of Sarcophagi

    Museum of Roman Houses

    Roman Houses

  • 5 persons: NA
    4 persons: NA
    3 persons: NA
    2 persons: € 1,870
    1 person: € 1,870
    10 persons: NA
    9 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    7 persons: NA
    6 persons: NA

Tour Details

Journey Beneath Rome

An Exclusive Exploration of Catacombs and Ancient Houses

Introduction: A Unique Descent into Rome's Hidden Depths

Roma Experience is proud to present a truly unparalleled tour, granting you exclusive access to the mysteries that lie beneath Rome's bustling streets. This is not just another catacomb tour; it's a rare opportunity to explore ancient Roman houses and one of Rome's least visited catacombs, all without the usual crowds. Dive deep into history and witness the remnants of a time when Christianity was in its infancy, and its followers faced challenges at every turn.

I. The Catacombs: A Silent Sanctuary of Faith

Echoes from a Bygone Era

Venture into the catacombs, a maze-like underground sanctuary where early Christians laid their loved ones to rest. These sacred corridors, once bustling with mourners and pilgrims, now stand silent, preserving the tales of faith and martyrdom. Marvel at ancient frescoes that have withstood the test of time, including a rare depiction of Christ's crowning with thorns and the resurrection of Lazarus. These artworks not only showcase early Christian artistry but also pay homage to the martyrs who found their final resting place here.

II. Ancient Roman Houses: A Glimpse into Daily Life

Living Amidst History

Journey further back in time as you explore ancient Roman houses preserved beneath the Caelian Hill's church floors. Walk through ancient apartments, storerooms, and roads, and stand in awe of a frescoed courtyard that once echoed with the daily bustle of Roman life. A shrine stands as a testament to the Christians martyred here in the 4th century, offering a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made in the name of faith.

Note: If the church on Caelian Hill is closed, the tour will include a visit to the remarkable Church of St. Clement.

A Timeless Adventure Beneath Rome's Streets

This tour promises more than just a walk through ancient sites; it's a journey through time, where every step offers insights into Rome's rich tapestry of history, faith, and art. With exclusive access to these hidden gems, you're guaranteed an experience that few have had the privilege to enjoy.


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