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Caravaggio Rome Tour with Exclusive Access to Restoration Lab

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There's an art to preserving art. Restoration is essential to maintaining Italy's historic paintings & on this exclusive Caravaggio Rome private tour, you will get VIP access to a Top Restoration Lab where you'll have the opportunity to see restorers at work & learn about the craft of rehabilitating pieces of Italy's cultural heritage.

If there is a unique tour in Rome, we think this is it. Caravaggio was one of the most groundbreaking artists of the Baroque period & he had a seriously scintillating biography complete with scandal, mystery, murder as well as some of the most heavenly paintings ever created.

You'll see four Caravaggio works in Rome still in their original locations in the city centre, exactly in the setting & placement for which they were conceived. The Madonna dei Pellegrini in the Church of Sant'Agostino reveals a new perspective on the saints. While many could accept Caravaggio's vision of Mary as more human than an icon, the fact that the model was a well-known local prostitute has made this painting controversial ever since.

In San Luigi dei Francesi, the moving paintings in the Cycle of St. Matthew emphasize the artist's unusual use of light & shadow that would revolutionize the art world. You'll then have the opportunity to visit the acclaimed restoration studio that is allowing privileged access to Roma Experience guests. This studio has restored pieces by Tintoretto, Raphael & even the Caravaggio famous painting of the Madonna dei Pellegrini that you'll have just visited in person.

Here, you'll learn the techniques they use to restore paintings that are hundreds of years old. You'll watch an expert at work, look through the x-ray machine at hidden layers behind the paint, learn the methodology behind restoration & see the solutions & tools on hand in the studio & how they are applied.


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