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Wine & Art in Tuscia -
Caprarola & Wine Tasting


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A few miles from Rome, in a town called Caprarola, stands one of the most monumental & well-preserved Renaissance palaces in history: Palazzo Farnese, also considered the first pentagon in history, due to its five-sided fortification.


Property of Alessandro Farnese, cardinal nephew of Pope Paul III, it preserves one of the most shining examples of Renaissance rigorism, made up of rhythmic differences in height & glimpses, which highlights the administrative structure of the Church and its rise towards a condition of privileged idleness.


The ingenuity of artists, such as Vignola, places itself at the client's service, giving life to wonders that have entered the modern imagination as perfect architectures: the helical staircase, a means of junction between two distinct floors of the building, is infinite amazement & gives the visitor an emotional memory that takes you back in time.


This tour will allow you to appreciate the artistic synthesis of the 16th century, in the prince of the noble palaces of Lazio, discover the historical events of its frescoes that recall ancient mythologies & admire the enchanting Italian gardens.


The winter & summer rooms are a treasure chest of Renaissance culture & tight images that tell the thoughts & stories of a cardinal, through seductive & dynamic paintings, finding themselves inserted in an anachronistic metaphysical envelope, finding themselves involved in the Farnese empyrean, narrated by the painter Federico Zuccari & Antonio Tempesta.


Visiting the room of the globe, the forerunner of the Vatican gallery of geographic maps, you will be able to learn about the scientific studies of the time, which led to modern cartography.


The tour will continue with a lunch & wine tasting at an award-winning winery, totally immersed in the Latium countryside.


You will be able to taste different blends, which give life to one of the most interesting red wines in Italy with the same characteristics as the famous Tuscan wines.


Indulge in the most authentic tour of Tuscia & plan a few days with us to continue the discovery of this territory.

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