Top 10 Flavors To Try On Your Trip to Rome, This Summer

Top 10 Flavors To Try On Your Trip to Rome, This Summer

We at Roma Experience believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right.  This is especially true when it comes to gelato, the cherry on the sundae of Italian life.  The Roman summer will offer a prime opportunity to sample the limitless flavor combinations at the gelaterias scattered across the city.  Got your spoon?  OK, let’s get this show on the road…

An Ancient Roman Church Built On The Site Of A Summer Snowfall

A major Papal Basilica, the church of St Mary Major, is also one of Rome's most beautiful and richest in art and religious relics of the first rank. Features such as the triumphal arch and the nave, covered in unique fifth century mosaics, the impressive bronze and porphyry baldachin, the ceiling made with the gold coming from Inca Empire...

Rome in the Movies — 7 Classics Highlighting Rome's Stunning Landmarks

There are many ways you can love Rome, through its hearty cuisine inspired by the seasons, its age-old architectural wonders. its magnificent art & sculpture, the sparkling blue skies and not least through its vivacious and open-hearted inhabitants. Read more...

Italy’s Craft Beer Week: a taste of Rome

The popularity of craft beers has grown rapidly in Italy over the past decade, and while there are great breweries located all over the country, Rome has become something of a melting pot for real ale enthusiasts. Every month, new beer stores pop up in the city and beer-tasting events, led by legendary drinking establishments such as Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa’ in Trastevere and Open Baladin in the Campo de’ Fiori area have gained loyal followers. Even the reputation of Lazio-based beer producers has improved exponentially in recent years.

10 Places in Rome to Have Lunch With Less Than Ten Euros

— If you are a looking for a place to have lunch or just a quick snack during, after and even before your tour of Rome, this is an amazing guide to great places where to have lunch with ten euros. Check it out!