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Alone in the Sistine Chapel Tour


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The Vatican City is a place you can explore in a completely unique way & see its wonders through different eyes. This is an experience that will be with you for the rest of your life, a memory that will never fade.
As part of your tour, you’ll have exclusive access to the Vatican Museums, where you will be mesmerised by the fascinating collection of artefacts such as the mosaics once owned by Emperor Hadrian & frescoes by Renaissance Master Raphael.
Imagine being alone in the Sistine Chapel, with no crowds, no noise just blissful silence as you discover & explore the frescoed walls & ceilings. You’ll feel the artwork come alive right before your very eyes. This is not just a tour or an experience. It’s a voyage into another dimension.

If there is one unique experience, not just in Rome, but in the world, then this is it.

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