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Creating the Empire

From Caesar's Death to Augustus's Rise

Creating the Empire

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From Caesar's Death to Augustus's Rise

  • Expert Private Guide

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    Duration: 3 hrs

  • Theatre of Marcellus (Outside)

    Ara Pacis (Inside)

    Mausoleum of Augustus (Outside)

    Pantheon (Inside)

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Tour Details

Private Tour of Rome

Creating the Empire - From Caesar's Death to Augustus's Rise

Introduction: A Tale of Power, Politics, and Prophecy

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Rome, retracing the pivotal moments that marked the end of the Roman Republic and heralded the dawn of the Roman Empire. This tour weaves a narrative of ambition, legacy, and architectural grandeur, offering a deep dive into the lives of two of Rome's most iconic figures: Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus.

I. Pantheon: A Testament to Divine Grandeur

Worshipping the Pantheon of Deities

Begin your exploration at the Pantheon, the epitome of ancient Roman architectural brilliance. Marvel at its majestic dome and the oculus that bathes the interior in ethereal light. Here, delve into the religious practices of ancient Romans, paying homage to a myriad of gods and goddesses, and appreciate the opulence that defined their places of worship.

II. Mausoleum of Augustus: A Monument to Immortality

Augustus's Eternal Legacy

Journey to the Mausoleum of Augustus, a colossal edifice built by Rome's first emperor. More than just a final resting place for Augustus and his lineage, this mausoleum stands as a testament to his unparalleled influence and the indomitable power of the emperorship he forged.

III. Ara Pacis: The Altar of Roman Peace

Chronicles Etched in Marble

Discover the Ara Pacis, an altar dedicated to Pax, the Roman goddess of peace. This monument celebrates the peace and prosperity ushered in by Augustus's reign. Its intricate reliefs narrate seminal events from Rome's lore, from its legendary foundation to the divine lineage of Venus.

The Shadows of Caesar and the Dawn of an Empire

As you traverse the ancient streets, you'll encounter the remnants of Caesar's forum, a reflection of his vision for leadership during the Roman Republic's twilight. And in the midst of Rome's archaeological wonders, find the very spot where Julius Caesar met his tragic end, now guarded by the city's feline sentinels.

Relive the Birth of an Empire

This tour is not just a walk through ancient ruins; it's a voyage through time, charting the rise and fall of great leaders and the empire they shaped. Join us as we uncover the stories etched in stone and whispered through the corridors of time, ensuring an experience that will remain etched in your memory long after the journey concludes.

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