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Evolution of Rome

The Tale of a Modern City

Evolution of Rome

Embark on an unforgettable journey exclusively crafted for Palazzo Ripetta's esteemed guests. Our tours, meticulously designed by Roma Experience, promise a unique and captivating experience that's beyond the ordinary. Due to the bespoke nature of these tours, online booking isn't available. Instead, reach out to us directly to secure your own personalized adventure. 

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The Tale of a Modern City

  • Expert Private Guide

    Duration: 2.5 hrs

  • Modern Rome's Vibrancy

    Symbols of Power

    Fascist Rome's Landmarks

    Rome's City Centre

    Ancient Rome's Foundations

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    2 persons: € 399
    1 person: € 399

Tour Details

Evolution of Rome

From Ancient Majesty to Modern Marvels

Introduction: The Eternal City's Ever-Changing Canvas

Step into Rome, a city where the echoes of ancient grandeur seamlessly merge with the pulse of modern innovation. Here, every cobblestone and corner tells a tale of time's passage, painting a vibrant mosaic of history and progress.

I. Tracing Rome's Architectural Odyssey

From Augustus to the Renaissance

Embark on a captivating exploration that charts Rome's architectural journey. Witness the city's transformation from the grand visions of Emperor Augustus to the artistic renaissance that birthed unparalleled Baroque wonders.

II. The Heartbeat of Rome: A City Centre's Tale

A Fusion of Influences

Dive deep into the stories that shaped Rome's city centre. Discover the French inspirations, the desires of the Roman elite, and the revolutionary redesign of Pincio, all culminating in a groundbreaking shift in urban aesthetics.

III. Fascism's Footprints: Mussolini's Architectural Ambitions

Merging Past with Propaganda

Experience the era when Fascism sought to redefine Rome's landscape, intertwining the grandeur of Imperial Rome with Mussolini's autocratic dreams. Explore how the regime aimed to position its leader, Mussolini, as a modern-day reflection of Emperor Augustus.

IV. Deciphering Symbols: Power and Prestige in Stone

Architectural Narratives of Dominance

Delve into the architectural wonders that were designed not just as structures, but as symbols. Understand how Fascist Rome used architecture as a canvas to exalt its leader and showcase its might.

V. A Journey Through Time: From Palazzo Ripetta to Today's Rome

Witnessing Rome's Eternal Evolution

Starting at the iconic Palazzo Ripetta, traverse through the epochs that shaped Rome. Experience the city's metamorphosis, from its ancient roots to its bustling present, all while basking in its undying charm.

Rome's Timeless Journey

Embark on this transformative tour and witness the harmonious blend of Rome's storied past and dynamic present. Experience the city's enduring allure, where every era leaves an indelible mark, crafting the Rome we know and love today.


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