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Luisa was born in Milan, and has been living in a metropolitan city her whole life. Growing up in a city with such a diverse population has given her an appreciation for other cultures and the beauty of differences.

She studied history in college and then got a master's degree in Political Science. For a few years she worked as an Italian diplomat in several European countries. Her love of travel has taken her all around the world, meeting new people and learning from their experiences.

The intellectual curiosity, the taste for beauty and the different, and her multifaceted personality have made Luisa the perfect person to guide visitors through her beloved city of Milan. She knows its hidden corners and how to best experience all that it has to offer - from its historical landmarks to its fashion scene and culinary delights.

Walk with Luisa, follow her pace, let herself enchant you: you'll soon fall in love with Milan and its environs!

Guide | Milan


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