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Private Tour of Pompeii

Day Trip From Rome by Car

Private Tour of Pompeii

Day Trip From Rome by Car

  • Private car & driver

    Expert Private Guide

    Skip-the-line tickets

    Duration: 9 hrs

  • Brothel

    Temple of Apollo



    Grand Villas


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Tour Details

Pompeii Unearthed

A Journey Through Time

Introduction: Delve into the Echoes of the Past

Embark on a captivating day trip from Rome to the ancient city of Pompeii. With skip-the-line access and the luxury of a private car, this journey promises both comfort and depth. Guided by an expert in archaeology and art history, this private tour of Pompeii will unveil the mysteries and tales of a city frozen in time.

I. The Catastrophic Tale of Mount Vesuvius

Witness the Aftermath of Nature's Fury

Journey through the remnants of Pompeii and unravel the harrowing story of Mount Vesuvius' devastating eruption. Experience the poignant moments that capture the final hours of the city's unsuspecting inhabitants.

II. The Theatrical Heart of Pompeii

A Glimpse into Ancient Entertainment

Step into Pompeii's grand amphitheater and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural life of Ancient Rome. Hear tales of dramatic performances, both tragic and comedic, that once echoed through these historic walls.

III. The Streets and Stories of Pompeii

From Grandeur to Daily Life

Stroll along the ancient cobbled pathways, passing by bustling fast-food joints of yesteryears and opulent villas that showcase the affluence of Pompeii's elite. Marvel at the intricate mosaics and vivid frescoes, each narrating a unique story, as your guide brings to life the history and nuances behind these artistic masterpieces.

IV. Secrets and Sensualities of Pompeii

A Peek into the Forbidden

Venture into Pompeii's infamous brothel, where the walls whisper tales of love, desire, and the intriguing sensibilities of the Ancient Romans. Discover the provocative art that adorned these hidden chambers, offering a candid glimpse into the city's more intimate moments.

V. The Civic Pulse of Pompeii

Baths, Theatres, and Public Life

Experience the grandeur of Pompeii's civic centers, from the bustling Roman Forum to the serene bathhouses. These spaces, once teeming with life and activity, provide insights into the social and cultural fabric of the city.

VI. Shadows of Vesuvius: The Final Moments

A Poignant Reminder of Life's Fragility

Conclude your journey with a visit to the haunting plaster casts of those who perished in the eruption. Frozen in their final moments, these figures serve as a powerful testament to the unpredictability of life and the enduring spirit of Pompeii.

A Timeless Adventure Awaits

This private tour of Pompeii offers more than just a historical excursion; it's a deep dive into the soul of an ancient city, its joys, sorrows, and secrets. Join us on this unforgettable journey from Rome, and let the echoes of Pompeii resonate with you.

What's Included


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