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The center of the world, the New Babylon, the Eternal City, the center of the Western Christianity. These and many other definitions have long been used to define the unique nature of the Italian capital—Roma, in English, Rome. Founded on April 21, 753 BC, the many events that have transpired within the walls of what was once a small group of villages on the Tiber river, have fashioned not just the character of this remarkable city, but also the entire world. Layers upon layers of history, urban development, and innovative architectural styles have shaped Rome in such a way as to make it a historical synthesis found nowhere else in the world. Our Rome tours are especially designed to bring back to life the glorious past and the fascinating history of the Eternal city. Already 2000 years ago Rome was inhabited by more than one million people, and although barbaric invasions and wars throughout the centuries reduced its population to a few thousands, during its history extraordinary minds contributed to the greatness of Rome. Philosophers, generals, artists, emperors, princes, and popes impressed their own personalities onto the city and made it greater through a process of slow transformation. A physical example of this transformation are the stones, marble, and bronze that were taken from the pagan temples and used to build churches and palaces whose remnants can be seen today in the Forum and in other parts of the city. In the same way Rome's political culture, the judicial system, the arts and literature that was created here, have brought changes that are still visible nowadays in the western culture and in the world. The past and present, the pagan and Christian, mighty arts and the everyday life—  all these things are inextricably connected in Rome. In no other city you find antiquity and modernity so admirably intertwined, the Middle Ages and the Futurism, the Renaissance and the Baroque. The Eternal City is the only a place in the world steeped in such history, beauty, and fascination, and we at Roma Experience are excited at having you with us, and all our expert guides are looking forward to make your acquaintance and accompany you through a beautiful unforgettable experience tour in Rome.   

"There is almost nothing beautiful in the world other than Rome" (J. J. Winckelmann, 1756)


Discover this incredible city with Roma Experience’s tours and see all the major sites with a professional, English speaking guide. On our classic Colosseum Tour, you will walk through the Roman Forum, one of the world’s most famous architectural sites, following in the footsteps of Caesar, Augustus, and Nero. Then you’ll head up onto the Palatine Hill, where Rome was originally born. Lastly you’ll visit the Colosseum, that magnificent stadium constructed in 79 AD, said to have contained more than 50,000 people, where your guide will entertain you with tales of its gruesome past. But choose our Colosseum Underground Tour and you will have the opportunity to descend into the tunnels where the wild beasts and gladiators would get ready to fight as well as the chance to walk on the arena where all the action would take place. Then you will be ready for modern Rome! With our Heart of Rome Tour,  one of the best Rome City Tours in town, you will have the chance to experience the very core of Rome’s city center and discover the charm of the its narrow cobble-stoned streets, its beautiful fountains and piazzas, and hear its history through anecdotal stories and facts. Take in the Spanish Steps, throw coins into the Trevi Fountain and enjoy a relaxing stroll in the Piazza Navona, among many other famous and attractive locations. If you’re an art lover our Rome Sightseeing Tours have even more for you. Take our Amazing Caravaggio Tour and discover art masterpieces by Bernini, Caravaggio and Raphael, hidden within the city, right in the places where they were created and thought to be exhibited. There’s even more art when you include the Borghese Gallery, built 400 years ago by Cardinal Scipione, a rich Cardinal and patron of the arts that supported artists like Bernini and Caravaggio and collected their best works in his magnificent villa. Here you can admire classical Roman statues, ancient mosaics, Renaissance paintings, and sculptures by Canova and Bernini. A special options for those who are more adventurous would be to take a day trip from Rome and go visit Ostia Antica (Ancient Ostia) a place so beautiful and still incredibly underrated that will make you drop your jaws!

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