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Express Rome Tour: Colosseum & Sistine Chapel

Experience two of Rome’s most iconic sites on this skip the line tour that will take you into the heart of Ancient Rome at the Colosseum & Renaissance art history in the Sistine Chapel.

If you have limited time in Rome & want to make sure you see the top sights, a Colosseum & Sistine Chapel tour couldn’t be a better way to take in two of the most famous locations in the city. You’ll skip the line at the Colosseum as well as at the Vatican where your guide will lead you straight to the Sistine Chapel. We’ll bring each of these two incredible sights into historical context with anecdotes that range from artists & popes to emperors & from Renaissance painting to ancient Roman architecture.

On any of our Rome Colosseum tours, you’ll skip the line with your guide & make your way straight to the best views on both the first and second tiers of the stadium that inspired all stadiums. Tales of gladiators, wild beasts, & imperial propaganda mix with the magic of standing in the same location as the ancient Romans would have stood hundreds of years ago. The value of having a guide can’t be overstated as you reconstruct the history & legacy of this remarkable place.

A private Sistine Chapel tour is the best way to navigate the labyrinthine halls of the Vatican Museums as you make your way through some of the main galleries, straight for the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo never imagined he would be painting the private chapel of the Pope least of all that this work would be considered a Renaissance masterpiece over 500 years after he brought to life the story of genesis in bold, dramatic detail.

With insight into some of the most famous moments in Rome’s long history & the larger than life characters behind their creation, this has to be one of our most popular Rome in a day tours.

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