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Viterbo & Wild Tuscia -
The Gate of Etruria


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Starts this daily trip from Rome in a comfortable Mercedes van to reach Viterbo, commonly known as the City of the Popes: in the 13th century, it became their official residence, housing more than one Pontiff in the magnificent Papal palace on Piazza San Lorenzo, see of the first and longest conclave in the history of the Church, that lasted from 1268 to 1271.


The Palace with its imposing loggia is one of the landmarks of the city.


You will visit the Cathedral of St Lawrence, with its imposing Romanic structure, breezy spaces and rich Cosmatesque floor & one of the largest medieval districts of Europe, San Pellegrino.


With its tiny alleys, towers, arches, passageways and profferli, the typical external staircases, this peculiar neighbourhood will enchant you, taking you back to the 13th century.


While if you want to escape from the heat of these days the Underground Viterbo will be what you need. You will be guided through a series of underground tunnels that, through the centuries, became an authentic labyrinth made up of secret passages that served to connect the neuralgic & strategic structures of Viterbo & ensured escape routes to the citizens in case of danger or siege.


And once you return above ground, if your eyes need large spaces, you will certainly enjoy the breathtaking panorama from the courtyard of Palazzo dei Priori, with its magnificent fountain, designed in the 17th century.


After a lunch break in the oldest restaurant in Viterbo, our tour will continue with a visit to a hidden necropolis, riding a horse or simply driving there, following your adventure spirit, discovering the most fascinating rupestrian tombs outside Viterbo.


Have you ever dreamed to be Indiana Jones? Sometimes dreams come true. Discover the wild side of Tuscia with Roma Experience.

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