March 9, 2018

Top 5 Things To Do In Rome in 2018

If you want to explore the Eternal City at its best, don’t miss our Top 5 Things to Do in Rome in 2018! Ready to build a memorable trip? Let’s start with Rome’s Landmark, the Colosseum…

1) Colosseum at 100%: from its Undergrounds up to its very Top – the Belvedere!

Colosseum Belvedere Top Tier

Colosseum Belvedere Top Tier

The restricted areas of the Colosseum Underground and Arena have already been accessible to the public since 2010. With the purchase an additional ticket, in the last 9 years, thousands of tourists already enjoyed walking inside the dark tunnels where gladiators and wild animals awaited their fate before the fighting! They also got to step up onto the Colosseum stage, the Arena and take in the feeling of looking at the Colosseum form the viewpoint of a Gladiator.
Do you think the magic’s finished? The best is yet to come. Last October the 4th and 5th rings of the Colosseum were opened again to the public after 40 years! A stunning panoramic view over the city of Rome can now be admired from this section, which will surely allow you to take the most spectacular pictures of your Roman Holiday. Whether it’s your first time to Rome or you’ve seen the Colosseum before, well, it’s time explore it 100%!

If you want to grab the special tickets to visit these restricted areas and have an expert guide at your side, you might want to check-out our Colosseum Underground Tours.

Immersive 3D Walking Tour of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome

Starting from 2018 you can experience amazing 3D virtual tours of the Colosseum and Rome Ancient City. Find an amazing virtual reality tour of Rome and experience the ancient city in the same way of ancient Roman citizens. You will be provided with 3D glasses that you can wear during the tour at selected points and see the historically accurate reconstruction of ancient Rome and the Colosseum all around you. To learn more about Rome Experience 3D Walking Tour of Colosseum and Rome Ancient city visit the dedicated page.

2) Explore the Vatican in the Early Morning: beat the heat and crowds!

Vatican Tours, Vaticano Tours, Tours of Vatican City

Buying skip-the-line tickets to visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel? Surely a very good idea to avoid wasting hours in a line, but are you sure this is enough to grant yourself a smooth trip? Keep reading and we will share with you a few more tricks to explore the smallest country in world the perfect way!
First, do you know the Vatican contains more than 3 dozen museums, stretching out for over 4 miles? It’s impossible to visit everything in one day ― having a guide by your side will make sure you won’t miss out any of its highlights (and you avoid getting lost!). If you’re visiting during the high season, which goes roughly from April to October, the rooms of the Vatican will be quite hot and swarming with visitors. Wander through the buildings, get an up-close look at the Sistine Chapel, and appreciate its wanders will become a real mission impossible. So why not planning an early rise and enter the Vatican one hour before the regular opening at 9:00 AM?

A few tour companies can offer this privilege to their customers and we’re among them: have a look at our Early Morning Vatican Small Group Tour!

3) Wander through the cobblestoned streets of Rome at Dawn

Our next piece of advice is still for those of you who want to escape the heat. If you are landing in Rome between May and September, remember temperatures can easily reach 95°F to 104 °F. If you are traveling with kids or if you just can’t stand the heat, being an early bird could really save your trip.
Imagine meeting a local, friendly guide and be treated for breakfast with a foamy cappuccino and a freshly-baked pastry. The air is still fresh, and Rome is quiet and half-empty. Your footsteps will echo on the cobblestones, while you walk in the city center, admiring Rome’s landmarks like they really deserve. You will toss your coin Trevi Fountain, thus granting you the chance to come back to Rome soon (so the legend says!). You will admire the newly-cleaned Spanish Steps and the boat-shaped Baroque fountain by Bernini, lying at its bottom sprinkling fresh and drinkable water.  Taking in Bernini’s fountains and Borromini’s church in Navona Square should absolutely be on your list, as should be the Pantheon, Rome’s oldest and best-preserved temple/church! Taking a walk early in the morning will allow you to savour these masterpieces the best way and take postcard-like pictures to remind you of your Roman Holidays for a long time!

Eager to know more about this opportunity? Discover how to plan your Rome at Down walk!

4) Discover the archaeological site of Ostia Antica: even better than Pompeii!

What do lovers of Ancient Rome history plan to do when they travel to Italy? Most of them want to discover the place where history was made and buy a tour of the Colosseum. Many of them even buy a train ticket and go all the way down to Pompeii’s archaeological site. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to encourage you to abandon your plans… But imagine having Pompeii to yourself ― no crowds of tourists, just you and the cobbled streets of an Ancient Roman town. It is not a dream, you are in Ostia Antica!

South of Rome and built along the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ostia was the main port In the Ancient Times. Only half an hour on the train from Rome, it can boast one of the biggest and richest archaeological parks in all Italy ― Ostia Antica will leave you amazed, with its huge Roman theatre and acres of well-preserved buildings, even better preserved than those in Pompeii. You will see two-storey insulae (apartment blocks) and enormous baths and temples, filled with mosaics and statues.

It’s surprisingly underrated! If you are staying in Rome for a few days, you should really consider joining an Ostia Antica tour.

Ready to start your journey back to Ancient Rome? Read how to do so with our Ostia Antica Guided Tours!

5) The dark side of Rome: walk in the Catacombs maze and look at skulls of the Capuchin Crypt!

Rome Catacombs

Did you know the term “cemetery” comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning “place of rest”? The catacombs of Rome were indeed created to provide a resting place for the first generations of Christians ― to ensure their resurrection and salvation their bodies were preserved in their tombs, deep beneath the ground on the outskirts of Rome. Hundreds of thousands of early Christians were buried side by side in a maze of underground tunnels, mostly beside the Appian Way, in south-west Rome. Catacombs are so extensive you could easily get lost… and you don’t want that, right? One more reason to join our Rome Catacombs Tour! Our guide will lead you also to St. Clement’s Basilica, to discover its underground layers, rich in art, history and religious artefacts ― and in one of the most incredible places in Rome ― the Capuchin Monks’ Crypt, adorned with dozens of skulls belonging to the monks themselves!

Come with us to explore the incredible Catacombs tunnels and learn all about the very beginning of Christianity ―  This is a side of Rome you’ve never seen before. Book your adventure here: Rome Catacombs Tour or here: From Dark to Light Combo Tour: Catacombs + Vatican City