A Guide To

UNESCO Heritage Sites of Tivoli

Everything You Need To Know

Only 30 km from Rome is one of the jewels of Lazio – the ancient hilltop town of Tivoli. Inhabited since the 13th century BC, the town has always played an important role within the region: as a political ally to Rome, a country retreat for emperors and poets, and a site of papal power.

Although the modern town has plenty of charm – not to mention breath-taking panoramic views of the countryside – visitors who make the day trip to Tivoli tend to be drawn by the villas. Hadrian’s Villa is a vast archaeological site containing the magnificent ruins of the imperial estate, while Villa d’Este is a 16th century villa renowned for its hillside garden filled with thousands of fountains.

This guide is divided into two sections for clarity: the first focusing on Hadrian’s Villa, and the second on Villa d’Este. General tips and links for Tivoli are at the end of the guide.

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