Beat the Heat & Visit the Best Beaches Near Rome

Children playing in the foreground against the background of Ostia beach

Rome’s a wonder, obviously; the Eternal City’s a treasure trove of world history and high-culture. But boy, does she get hot in the summer months. If you’re planning a visit to Rome in June, July or August, don’t discount leaving the city behind for a day to visit one of the best beaches near Rome.

Not only do these beautiful beaches provide some respite from the sweltering city, but they offer stunning waters and immense natural beauty.

Ostia Lido

Although Ostia beach doesn’t have the highest quality sea or sand, it is the closest beach to Rome. Hop on the train at central station Piramide and you’ll be at Ostia Lido in half an hour.

Ostia is the most convenient beach for a quick visit. If you like the idea of a seaside swim in the morning and then return to the city for culture come the afternoon, Ostia Lido is for you. Alternatively, if afterward you fancy a private tour of Ostia Antica’s spectacular ruins, that’s an option too!


Fregene is Ostia Lido’s slightly cooler older brother. This beach attracts the young and hip from affluent Northern Rome and has a glamorous, laid back vibe. Bars with loungers like Singita Miracle Beach provide a place to chill during the day, and kick back with a cocktail come nightfall.

Santa Severa

If you’re looking for a beach with a family-friendly vibe against a beautiful backdrop, why not try Santa Severa? This gorgeous beach sits in the shadows of a mediaeval castle! Santa Severa offers better sea and sand than both Ostia and Fregene. If you want to experience traditional Italian charms by gorgeous waters close to Rome, this is the beach for you.

Santa Marinella

In terms of proximity, sea/sand quality and vibe, it’s hard to beat Santa Marinella as one of the best beaches near Rome.

Santa Marinella is tucked inside a cove and boasts miles of brown sand and azure waters. The beach rarely gets very busy and maintains a relaxed vibe, even at the height of August’s heat.

Bring a towel or rent a lounger – it’s up to you. Either way, it makes for an enjoyable day in Santa Marinella.


Saubadia may be a little hard to reach on public transport, but the extra effort is well worth it to discover a beautiful beach. Saubadia has a Bandiera Blu award, which distinguishes it as one of the cleanest beaches in Italy!

Although it’s a little further out of the way, a visit to Saubadia is certainly worthwhile, as its one of the most beautiful beaches, clean and long, you’ll find near Rome.


Anzio is an underrated gem. Like Saubadia, this beach has a Bandiera Blu award. However, it is much easier to access from Rome. Simply take the train to Anzio and walk the short fifteen minutes to the sea.

When you’re there, you can relax on one of the best beaches near Rome. You know this beach is good — the ruins of Emperor Nero’s Villa sit behind it!


Last but not least, there’s the beautiful beach at Sperlonga. Undeniably, Sperlonga is the most beautiful beach near Rome. Sperlonga beach has been recognised as one of the cleanest beaches in Italy for nearly two decades, and its credentials do not disappoint.

The beach and water are of a beautiful quality, and once you’re done with sun and sand, you’re sure to find a quaint place to eat in the charming town.

Ready to Visit the Best Beaches Near Rome?

Why not! All of the above beaches are by towns that are accessible by public transport from Rome’s central stations. One of the great joys of Italy is being so close to the sea wherever you are; the magic of this narrow archipelago.

If you want to see another side of la dolce vita on your Roman holiday, pay a visit to the best beaches nearby. You’ll get to experience the beautiful Italian seaside — a point of national pride — and beat the city’s heat.

by Annie Beverley

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