October 16, 2014
The Next Big Thing In Tour And Activities Is… Touriocity!

A few years ago TripAdvisor revolutionized the way people travel and plan their vacation and grew so big in so little time that was even able to gobble up the other big player in the field, Viator, which they recently bought for 200 million dollars.

Yet, TripAdvisor recently received many criticisms on the genuine nature of the reviews and their ranking algorithm. But the biggest problem with TripAdvisor is that they are not able to highlight the thousands of amazing activities and things available just beyond first page.

A London based start-up created a system that aims to overcome these problems and return the ball back to the suppliers rather than taking it away from it: it’s called Touriocity. The way it works is quite intuitive: potential customers log in, choose a city and select their preferred activity. Then registered authorized suppliers can make a quote. Customers read the suppliers’ presentation, visit their websites and ponder price and quality before making a choice.

The project started less than one year ago and it is growing fast. The next step for Touriocity is to expand to Florence, Venice and all the main European cities. “Touriocity is at the moment the most cutting edge way to book a tour,” said Davide Bolognesi, Tour marketing consultant, “Touriocity facilitates the encounter between potential customers and activity suppliers, but remains in the background. It is a neutral field where tour companies compete fairly and customers get to know them better before they choose. It was an idea as great as it sounds simple.”

Travelers and tour guides should keep their eyes open. Touriocity promises to be the next big thing in the field of guided tours.