February 17, 2017

Top 10 Best Holiday Houses In Rome

The capital of Italy, the gorgeous Rome, is a wonderful destination known for its millennial history and the great number of buildings which display art and culture. The center of Rome, the main core of the Eternal City, is a great place to discover, with Colosseum and Trevi Fountain as major and well-known tourist attractions. There is nothing better than an apartment near to the center to enjoy all the beauty of this city and the wide range of vacations rentals, guest houses and holiday houses will satisfy all the economic needs. Here some of the best offers for a great vacation in Rome, in order to live a wonderful and unique experience in the city where the Roman Empire was born.

The beauties of the historical center of Rome

With more than 20 million global visitors each year, Rome is one of the most important and touristic cities in the world. For a great vacation in the ancient palaces and museum of the Italian capital there is nothing better than a rental near the historical center, for example in the Monti neighborhood or in the Trastevere neighborhood. Some of the best holiday houses in Rome are close to the Roman Forum, an area dominated by many important ancient government buildings and one of the largest archaeological sites in the world. An apartment with a view over Colosseum is the key factor for a great vacation, where you will breathe the atmosphere of centuries of history! The most iconic building of the Imperial Empire is only one of the attractions you will find in the Roman Forum (you can visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum on one of the many Rome tours available), an era that embodied all the greatness and the power shown by the Romans.

The country around Rome and its products

The wonderful country across Rome is a beautiful place to explore and the best choice for the travelers which enjoy nature and the green. You can stay for a week in a great agritourism and live next to cows and others farm animals, eating fresh products from the fields. The wide range of country houses will satisfy different economic displays, near to the attractions of the Eternal City and the beauty of its art. Farm business is an activity ever more chosen by the tourists and which will make happy both parents and children. Agritourism is cheaper than apartments and perfect to a culinary tour into the Italian cuisine, especially for red wine, pasta and olive oil, three of the main protagonists of the Mediterranean diet. You can choose among different types of holiday houses, where you will find swimming pool, Jacuzzi or massaging water jets.

The best place to find faith

Rome is full of religious buildings, so close to Vatican City, and St. Peter’s Basilica is arguably the most important of these churches. To enjoy the great Italian food and take an unforgettable tour across the street of Rome, you have to rent a little house in the northwestern suburb of the city. Here there are many holiday houses, with amazing terraces and a great internal space, the perfect solution for a holiday with your kids. Vatican City is the core of the Christianity and only a tour in St. Peter’s Square will explain all the magic and spiritual emotions embodied by Rome. Great and cheap apartments are available, therefore the next thing you have to do is buying a ticket and fly to the beautiful capital of Italy!