June 12, 2014
Nordic City Walk: A Completely Different Way To Experience Rome!

Who said cities are not for pedestrians? Nordic city walkers have a different plan. The project Nordic Walk in Italy stands as tangible successful effort to promote city walks and tours in an attempt to reconnect people with urban landscapes at a level that is deeper than the frantic lives of car-drivers, or, if you are a tourist, the consumerist touch-and-go visits organized by lazy segway tour companies. Well, if you too hope for healthier and livable cities and citizens keep reading.

If you are in Rome next weekend (June 14-15) and you are curious about this new growing sport discipline called Nordic Walk, don’t miss the chance to give it a try and meanwhile see great parts of Rome such the park of villa Borghese, Villa Pamphili and major Rome’s landmarks under a completely different light and perspective. It doesn’t matter if you live in Rome or you are just visiting for a few days. This is a cool fun thing to do!

The program starts on June 14 and continue through the morning of June 15, and bookings can be made directly on the NordicWalkInRome website. Licensed instructors will introduce beginners to the discipline and lead the daring and experts to discover—or rediscover—Rome through an unusual itinerary named Imperial Rome. This is the first time a Nordic Walk parade is organized in Rome, but the Italian Nordic Walk Association had already organized in Venice making it a success that will be now replicated in the Italian major cities in the next years, including Rome,  Florence and Siena.

The philosophy behind this new discipline is promoting a healthier life style that benefits people individually and collectively. Nordic city walking is a way to redefine people’s connections with the environment—urban or not—as well as with other people. It is easier to get the gist of life at a slower pace. In a time where speed, rush, haste and whatnot triumph, slowing down the rhythm can be a radical controversial statement, but it is certainly a way to look at cities from a different perspective, no matter if you live there or are just a temporary visitor.

To know more about the parade and the program click here.