June 4, 2014

3 Ideas For A Day Trip From Rome

If you are in Rome for just enough time to start feeling overwhelmed by its overwhelming Imperial beauty, consider a day trip out of Rome to recharge. A day trip from Rome, if you know where to go, is a fantastic idea that would make a staying in the Eternal City even greater than it would be if you just decided to remain in the city center the whole time. There are many places to go, but we would like to offer you three simple and rewarding day trip ideas that, we are sure, won’t let you disappointed. You will feel empowered by the very fact of leaving behind the mainstream touristic ways, to follow your sense of adventure and go off the beaten path. You can go by yourself or with a guided tour. The result, in any case, will be fantastic. There are incredible things to see just minutes outside Rome.

Lake and Town of Bracciano

BRACCIANO —  A beautiful volcanic lake just an hour away from Rome. It features a beautiful, not at all crowded beach, and all the kind of services you want to have for a comfortable easy fun stay in your swimming suit. Local restaurants, bars and cafes are very good and not as expensive as in Rome. Once arrived at Bracciano’s train station you can walk or take a fast bus (running about every twenty minutes) to the beach. The water is beautiful and not salty. A fun thing to do is to rent a pedalò, a small boat and go surf around the beautiful lake. In the evening you can eat in one of the romantic restaurants and taverns populating the medieval streets of Bracciano, enjoy a stroll in the piazza and the view of the dreamy castle that stands on the top of the hill and oversees the lake and the town. Local trains are leaving every half an hour from Trastevere station.

TIVOLI — Get the B train to Ponte Mammolo and then catch the Co.Tral bus to Hadrian Villa. Or take the local train from Roma Tiburtina station to Stazione di Tivoli station and then catch the CAT bus, number 4. The trip to Tivoli takes about an hour but it is definitively worthy. It is not by chance that the Emperor Hadrian, under whose rule the Roman Empire had the moment of its greatest expansion, decided to build his Imperial villa right there, in Tivoli. The view is breathtaking and you have the feeling to have complete control over the city that once controlled the whole world. From Hadrian’s Villa you will be able to reach Tivoli center by bus.

Tivoli is not only a surprisingly beautiful city in itself, but also hosts one of the most beautiful villas in the world, Villa d’Estes, one of the most powerful Renaissance families, whose power extended from Rome to the North of Italy, to Ferrara and beyond. The Estes decided to build their magnificent villa with its garden of pleasure right next to Hadrian’s villa. Restaurants and pizza places are available to feed you after your tour of Tivoli. If you have the chance visit the nearby temple of Vesta by the bridge.

Roman Temple in Tivoli

Ancient Ostia, once Rome’s busy seaport

ANCIENT OSTIA — Located at the mouth of the River Tiber, Ostia was Rome’s seaport, although the site now lies 2 miles from the water, because of geological settings. You can take the train from Piazzala Ostiense, which is near Piramide subway stop. The trip takes about 30 minutes to reach Ostia Antica. The city is beautifully preserved and as worth as Pompeii although not as famous. Buildings are one story in height, with stairs and corridors leading to intact rooms. Wealthy houses remains are also visible, one of the most famous being that of Cupid and Pysche, with rich marble decorations.