Roma Experience’s Best Vatican Tours — and Why

Secret Rooms, Vatican Museums

Not all Vatican tours are created equal, so we put our thinking cap on and came up with a list of the best Vatican tours that Roma Experience offer. If you have a passion for history, art and culture, these Vatican City experiences will surely put a smile on your face.

Skip the Line

A young woman laughing and a man with his arms in the air in the foreground of the Gallery of Maps, in the Vatican Museums

The original, and still one of the best Vatican tours available today. If you want to experience all the highlights of Vatican City, this Skip the Line Vatican tour is for you.

Expect to see the main sights in Vatican City, including the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums. What is it that makes this Vatican tour so special? Well, for one, the group size is limited to only ten people, which means you get a more intimate experience of this fascinating collection than in larger groups.

Another thing is that the guides are fantastic. You can really feel the guides’ lifelong passion for the art and history of Vatican City.


Secret Rooms, Vatican Museums

If you’re an early bird, the Early Morning Vatican Tour might be an even better option than the Skip the Line. Expect to visit all the highlights of Vatican City, including St Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Museums.

However, what gives this tour an edge is that you enter the Museums one hour before the general public. For that hour, you’ll see amazing artworks like Laocoön and His Sons and the Raphael Rooms, before they get busy.

Especially in high season, this can make a big difference between a super chilled-out experience and a busy one.

Alone in the Sistine Chapel

A woman stood in front of Michelangelo's 'Last Judgement' in an empty Sistine Chapel, her arms raised above her head

If you’re seeking a luxurious experience of Vatican City, perhaps no product can beat the Alone in the Sistine Chapel Tour. Feel like a VIP as you go behind doors which are normally closed to the public and see some rare treasures within, including remarkable frescoes by Fra Angelico in the Niccoline Chapel and mosaics from Hadrian’s Villa.

The real highlight? Entering the Sistine Chapel when it’s closed — with only 14 other people. Nothing compares to standing under Michelangelo’s frescoes in an empty Sistine Chapel; it’s like you’re looking at these iconic images for the first time.

Vatican & Catacombs

Rome's Catacombs, Rome Catacombs Tour, Tours of the Catacombs

Have a passion for Early Christian history? This product might just be one for you. Not only is it an intimate tour — only 6 other people will be in your group for the duration of the experience — but it’s also the most comprehensive experience of Christian Ancient Rome you’ll get.

First, you’ll head into Rome’s dark underworld and explore the Catacombs; once the burial grounds of pagans and Christian’s alike. Next, you’ll see the Basilica of St Clement; a beautiful and richly decorated wonder in its own right, it also hides a 4th century church and a pre-Christian Temple of Mithras below.

Last but not least, a full tour of Vatican City awaits. After the dark of Rome’s underworld, enjoy a breath of fresh air in the heavenly Vatican.

Private Tour

A Roman golden bronze statue of Hercules in the Vatican Museums

There’s no better way to combine a love of history with comfort and relaxation, than with a private Vatican tour!

When you choose a private experience of Vatican City, you’ll discover all the hidden histories behind the artworks which interest you the most. All itineraries of our private Vatican tours can be adapted to accommodate special interests.

Just spend time with your friends, family, lover, or even by yourself (!) in the company of a private guide, and enjoy hearing the mysteries behind the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica.

Early-Access Private with Breakfast

Flowers at the forefront of a lawn in Vatican City's Courtyard of the Pine, with café full of people and St Peter's Basilica in the background

This Vatican tour is a personal favorite of ours! Not only will you have access to the astonishing Vatican Museums collection one hour before the general public, but you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a delicious breakfast in the beautiful Courtyard of the Pine.

Sit back and relax, as you catch the beginning of the day in the shadow of St Peter’s Basilica; indulging in a delicious American-style buffet breakfast.

Then, go onto discover greater treasures in the Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s.

At Night

Vatican at Night, Vatican Tours

One of the most romantic ways to see Vatican City?

Discovering it at night! Explore the beautiful Museums and Sistine Chapel late in the evening when there’s no one around, in a group no larger than 12. Although the Vatican has unlimited daily entry, on Friday nights, the numbers are restricted. So you can enjoy one of the world’s most staggering collections in relative peace and quiet.

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