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Quintili's Villa Experience Outside Rome: with Wine Tasting in a Princes Estate


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Roma Experience is proud to present an exclusive tour experience for our guests that fuses two of Italy's great spheres: archaeology & enology. Italy's wine tradition is a part of the country's history & on this wine tour, you'll have the unique opportunity to mix wine tasting & archaeology with a private guide & a visit to the vineyards of a Prince, who is opening the doors of his estate to Roma Experience guests.
Along with a brief Appian Way tour of the oldest road to Rome, your guide will take you into the ruins of the Quintilli Villa. Far from the beaten track, this is one of the best examples of an ancient Roman villa preserved within the city. Featuring grand arches that are still standing after centuries, private baths used by the residents, & beautiful mosaic floors, you can start to have an idea of ​​the decadence of the Roman noble classes. In fact, the grand villa was so coveted by the notorious emperor Commodus that he put the owners to death so he could possess it himself.
From ancient luxury to modern, your guide will take you further along the Appian Way to the estate of a modern-day prince, hailing from a centuries-long line that includes multiple Popes.
You'll taste three award-winning biological wines alongside salami & cheese & discover the secrets of Italian vineyards with a walk among the vines, examining the lavic soil & biological techniques that make these wines special. Sometimes, if you're lucky, the prince himself could be there - local winery tours don't get more unique than this.
If you are looking for Italian wine tours that are decidedly outside a typical winery experience, then this private tour is for you.

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