Things to Consider Before Traveling Rome

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It is obvious that Rome is one of the cities where it’s hard to see the whole city or best places if you came for a short time. To be frank, you should give it a good week or maybe more to discover, and see this Eternal City’s true history and beauty.

It is important to pay attention to specifics so that you can make the most of your time in the Italian capital, and have fun exploring every corner of it when visiting Rome.

Select the time wisely to visit Vatican City

There is no doubt that, the Vatican City is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. No wonder this small nation in a region is continually full of visitors. Nevertheless, as Pope Francis arrives in the meeting on Wednesdays and Sundays, the Vatican has even more participants. And if you want to get a calm view of everything, skip those weekdays. The need to talk about the other big Christian holidays is irrelevant. On the other hand, it would also leave a positive image of the chance to see the Pope and be among the thousands of tourists from around the world. One smart idea is to go on a tour of places such as tour operator, save time while visiting the Vatican, and make sure you have the full experience and not a hurried one. In addition, you can check out some rare Vatican City tours, because some of them give you a view that not many visitors get to see.

Identify your prior destinations in Rome

Rome has incredible architecture and history, but there are still a lot of tourist scams, sadly. Do extensive study into the right places to discover all of your must-sees before arrival.

You will find cheap tickets all year round at this place for some of the biggest attractions, including the Colosseum. While scheduling trips, it is also useful to do a bit of context work on the past and popular society. You can find specific locations and places by making reverse image search if you have specific photos of places where you want to go. You’re not going to be an expert, of course, so moving into the city with a certain background will make you enjoy your time there more.

Try not to wear revealing clothes

While jeans, short dresses, and other revealing clothes sound really enticing during the hot and steamy Rome summers, you should reconsider wearing them. You should recognize that you are definitely going to visit several museums and churches, and the revealing body in such places is not considered acceptable in Rome. Therefore, do not hesitate to carry a traditional cover-up to visit religious places such as the Sistine Chapel if you want to wear nice. Otherwise, you may be told to resign or be shamed by remarks from bosses. Take some comfortable walking shoes because you are going to do a lot of walking and standing up in rows. Note that a trip to Rome often involves a lot of museum visits where you can be freeze alive with air conditioning, as mentioned, Italian summers are hot.

Tips to waiters

In Rome, you don’t even have to leave a tip. Waiters’ wages are very high and equivalent to the wages of the doctors in this most touristy Italian capital. Furthermore, you might also offend the waiter if you leave the money in the restaurant, particularly if you know him personally. Italians believe that honesty can’t be bought with money. When you feel like leaving a tip, just leave the change is customary. And if your dinner was € 31.55, you would leave either € 0.45 in cash, or € 4.45 to add it up to € 35.

Make full use of public transportation

A Traffic Conductor in Rome

Although travelers going to a foreign country are always hesitant to use public transportation, you can do it easily in Rome. Buy a list of public transit, buy a one-off or daily ticket, and your big city trip would be a lot more fun. Stay conscious, however, of the pickpockets who operate in buses full of passengers. The metro will link you to most sights, and the most significant sights will be within walking distance from each specific station.

Use public taps for drinking water

Do not use plastic bottles to waste money on drinking. You can find valves in the whole city of Rome with not only healthy to drink but also tasty. Do not put your head under the tap out of respect for other drinking water users. When you like to clean yourself, spray a little water by hand or moisten a scarf faster.

You can’t see everything

Build a schedule, make your goals, evaluate your choices, and take the time to experience the city’s sun and scenery near any place you want to visit. This is an important suggestion to visit Rome. If you want to get to know Rome in a couple of days, you’ll continuously get lost in line, get annoyed by visitors, and soon grow sick of the hot light. It would be great to enjoy the spirit of this amazing city by slowing down without any hurry to see it all. Note that Rome is one of Europe’s most photogenic cities, so take your time to enjoy it.

Often it’s worth avoiding the queue

Certain significant sights like museums, Vatican City, and Colosseum will have lengthy queues that could make you stay in queue for hours. Why not spend a little bit more on jumping the queue and saving time to see more since you have a short time in the area.

You can do so by scheduling a tour or by purchasing a “skip the queue pass,” which will allow you to access the site at a certain time of day. Also, don’t forget that there are a lot of free activities to do in Rome, and you can match your budget for sightseeing by adding some free sights as well. Many of the wonderful sights in Rome are open to view.

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Be open to everything that comes in your way

On your journey, miscommunication, thrilling food, and language problems will inevitably reach you. Taking on these things and work in the face of new and varied circumstances. Being able to adapt to new attitudes, food, and customs will make you a more enjoyable, more genuine experience.

Don’t be afraid

People are cheerful in Italy. Do not get so relaxed simply by engaging in hostels and hotels with other travelers or with your friends. Be curious, playful, and engage with people. There will be language gaps, so don’t let that deter you from a cultural exchange. Plus, the Italian language is so lovely, who wouldn’t want to learn it? They will always thank you for trying, even though you get every word wrong.


Romans are extremely friendly, but violence occurs as in other big cities, and visitors are also the targets. Stay vigilant in busy public areas because pickpockets sometimes happen there, and don’t buy tickets from “crazy people on the corner.” You should also be careful, particularly when you’re traveling by yourself. However, Rome is a lovely place to explore and let your guard down.

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