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Palazzo Ripetta

Experience Italy like never before; embark on a journey full of tradition and culture, steeped in luxury. Let us take you to the heart of Rome with our carefully crafted itineraries that exude enthusiasm for this spectacular country.


Palazzo Ripetta is an historical building nestled in the most exclusive area of Rome: the so-called capitoline trident.


Elegance, art and history make this hotel a temple of art itself and a hidden gem of the Eternal City.


A perfect partnership with Roma Experience because we both strongly believe in the authentic Italian excellence of hospitality and quality of service, to offer guests unique experiences around Italy.


Our mission is to bring the essence of Italy into the journey of those who choose us, of those who believe that exploring a new land means breathing in its scents, knowing its traditions and experiencing its history through its monuments, landscapes and the stories of the people who live there.


Having a tour with Roma Experience means immersing yourself in this whirlwind of colors and history that is our peninsula and returning home with unique and indelible memories.


Our company implements projects focused on knowledge and respect for the Italian territory. We support activities of excellence in Italian tourism, culture, food and wine.


Exceptional customer service and attention to detail are what guide us to create unique travel experiences. We aim to provide individual and personal attention to our guests from the planning process to the tours themselves.


We are also extremely flexible, and we love to include customized itineraries to meet our customer's needs, so you can find the most satisfaction from your trip.

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Selected Tours for Palazzo Ripetta Guests
Private Guided Tour

From Caesar to Augustus

On this tour, you’ll look into the ruins of the Forum built by Caesar and discover the ancient temples in the centre of the city near where he was assassinated and uttered the legendary phrase: “Et tu, Brute?”.

Private Guided Tour
dolce vita.png

La Dolce Vita

On this Rome Walking Tour, your guide will take you to the highlights of the eternal city, unveiling history's most entertaining anecdotes from artistic rivalries to vain emperors and mighty Popes.

caesar augustus
la dolce vita
Private Guided Tour
PC Copia di Palazzo Ripetta brochure.png

Caravaggio in Rome

Caravaggio's fortune takes place near Palazzo Ripetta, with works exhibited in the churches of the Trident, such as Santa Maria del Popolo, up to Sant'Agostino and San Luigi dei Francesi.

Private Guided Tour

Bernini & Borromini

Walking through Rome it is impossible not to notice the artistic contribution of two undisputed geniuses of the Baroque, such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini.

Private Guided Tour

Evolution of Rome:

In this tour, we will pass from the urban aspect conceived by the emperor Augustus for the city of Rome, up to the Renaissance and Baroque rearrangement of the city.

A Modern City

caravaggio in rome
bernini borromini
evolution orrome

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