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A Modern City

Evolution of Rome

Private Guided Tour

The eclecticism of Rome is visible every day in its streets, where ancient monuments are set in modern structures of the highest level.


In this tour, we will pass from the urban aspect conceived by the emperor Augustus for the city of Rome, up to the Renaissance and Baroque rearrangement of the city.

In the history of the centre of Rome, there was no shortage of novelties, with the presence of French troops in Rome and the new need of the Roman bourgeoisie to have a Rome "within walking distance", with the exquisite results of the reorganisation of the Pincio and the new vision square innovation.

With the advent of fascism, the urban plan of Rome will be completely overturned, to create a trait d'union between the Rome of the Empire, to meet the new autocratic needs of the regime, and of its highest representative, Benito Mussolini.

We will analyse the symbols of power and this architectural translation of the fascist megalomania that was to venerate its Duce as the new emperor Augustus.

Starting from Palazzo Ripetta, we will outline these paths of evolution of Rome, up to modern Rome, combining past and present.

Duration: 2.5 hrs
Prices Start From €399.00 /couple
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