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From Caesar to Augustus

Private Guided Tour

Discover a new perspective in Roman history on this tour of Rome’s city centre as you keep a particular moment of Roman history in mind: the death of Julius Caesar and the rise of Emperor Augustus. At this crucial moment before the turn of the millennium, Caesar would forever alter the course of history when he claimed dictatorial powers over the Roman Republic. His death wouldn’t stop the fact that he paved the way for his nephew to become the very first emperor of Rome.


On this tour, you’ll look into the ruins of the Forum built by Caesar and discover the ancient temples in the centre of the city near where he was assassinated and (according to Shakespeare) uttered the legendary phrase: “Et tu, Brute?” Visit the best preserved ancient Roman temple in the city as you go into the Pantheon, whose first iteration was completed under the reign of Augustus.


Augustus was proud of the peace he brought to the empire and he celebrated the accomplishment in the construction of his altar to peace, the Ara Pacis. Now, Augustus’s monumental mausoleum still stands in the center of the city, a testament to the lasting legacy of the empire.

Duration: 2.5 hrs
Prices Start From €399.00 /couple
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