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Palazzo Colonna: Private Visit of Princess Isabelle's Apartment


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Palazzo Colonna is one of the most luxurious palaces in the world & one of the oldest & largest private palaces in Rome. Begun in the 14th century, the Colonna family has lived here (and still do) for more than 8 centuries. It was also immortalized in the movie Roman Holiday.


With marble floors, frescoed walls & ceilings, gold details and world-famous paintings, it's the epitome of the Roman Baroque style: bold, dramatic and in many cases, dripping with gold.

Part of this visit is a special private tour of the Apartments of Princess Isabelle. The Princess was from a famous Byzantine family in Lebanon and married into the Colonna line in the early 20th century.


She turned her apartments in the palace into a veritable treasure trove of art. See where she met Queen Elizabeth on her visit to Rome & how the Roman aristocracy lived for centuries in extravagant rooms worthy of the palace at Versailles. The art within Palazzo Colonna would be worthy of any gallery in the city but are only visible here.


Bronzino, Carracci's The Bean Eaters, work by Cavalier d'Arpino (master of Caravaggio), Guercino, Perugino, Rubens' workshop & Tintoretto all make up the Colonna private art collection that you'll see on this tour. The architecture, decorations, & art within Palazzo Colonna are truly breathtaking & visiting hours are limited, making this one of our more luxury private tours of Rome & an unforgettable experience.

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