Is An Insta Boyfriend Better Than an Actual Boyfriend?

Roma Experience's Insta Boyfriend Is a Professional Photographer Who'll Take Perfect Holiday Photos of You in Rome

Roma Experience understand the social importance of great holiday pics for the ’gram; so you can inspire healthy jealously in all your desk-bound friends, when they sneak green-eyed side-glances at their phone. Great Insta pics let the whole world know you’re flexin’ on your holiday and you’ve never looked better – which is why they generously launched an Insta Boyfriend service.

Not everyone has an other-half who’s as great a photographer as Mario Testino, or snaps pictures of you as enthusiastically as Kanye snaps Kim. Which is why this Insta boyfriend service exists; so, you can get perfect photos, taken by a professional photographer in Rome, positively glowing, in that perfect Mediterranean light. A professional photographer follows you around the city, snapping pics of you looking positively dashing outside Rome’s top sites.

It’s quite simple; browse the private tours, choose one that takes your fancy and, when you get to the cart, select the Insta Boyfriend service.

Or, if you would prefer to just focus on the right light, pose and angle, check out our full product Insta Boyfriend Rome Private Tour by Car.

Hey, presto – perfect pics and a solid social-media flex.

Not convinced? This is why an Insta Boyfriend might be better than a real one.

Insta Boyfriend Will Never Get Tired of Taking Pics

Unfortunately for the photo-hungry among us, real boyfriends are but human. They do not want to take pictures all day. Sometimes, they experience emotions, such as hunger and boredom. This will stop them taking thousands of pictures of you, at all angles, for as long as you require them too.

In contrast, an Insta Boyfriend will take pictures of you, near-constantly, for the whole 3 hours – and you don’t have to consider his emotional needs!

Most Actual Boyfriends Are Not Professional Photographers

Statistics show it: less than 1% of actual boyfriends are professional photographers. Maybe that statistic is invented, but either way – most of us don’t have a boyfriend with the photography skills to pay the bills. Even if your actual boyfriend is a professional photographer, chances are that he prefers to snap landscapes from hot balloons, than to take stellar social media portraits.

However, an Insta Boyfriend exists to take your picture. He wants to take pictures of you looking fabulous at the Trevi Fountain, in that holiday hat that you’d never wear at home. He wants to take pictures of you looking invitingly toward the camera, reaching your open arm out toward him, with the Colosseum as your backdrop. That’s what your Insta Boyfriend is about, baby.

Insta Boyfriend Will Take Convincing Candids

Have you ever asked an actual boyfriend to take a candid photo? It’s a complete waste of time. Maybe he’ll grumble that it’s impossible to take a truly candid photo, when you asked him to do it. Maybe it’s his lack of faith in the orchestrated candid which is why you always end up looking weirdly like a Moomin.

However, that won’t be a problem with your Insta Boyfriend. A photo of you, brushing your hair from your eyes in the sun? Totally natural. Caught off-guard, smiling under the Roman sunshine? 100% authentic. Insta Boyfriend knows that authentic candids are key to looking truly fab on social media, to make that witch from your high school jelly.

Insta Boyfriend is There for You (For 3 Hours)

Maybe you haven’t met Mr. Right yet, or your girls were too busy for the group-trip this year, so you’re traveling solo. Trekking across Rome on your own isn’t going to be a problem – but who’s going to get pictures of you looking cute in your summer dress?

Insta Boyfriend. That’s who.

We all know traveling alone is fun, until you want to send your Mom a picture of your fab holiday tan and hot new ’fit. Sometimes, an awkward selfie just doesn’t cut it. Insta Boyfriends photos will make the grade. He’s a professional photographer, following you around Rome – he knows how to make you look good, against the perfect backdrop.

Insta Boyfriend Is Committed

Insta Boyfriend has an unwavering commitment to taking fabulous photos of you, looking perfect, on your Roman holiday. For the entire 3 hours, nothing will shake Insta Boyfriend’s core objective. He is entirely committed to making you look gorgeous, babe. You don’t have to kiss him, tell him his new trousers are nice, or anything. He wants to make you happy, by snapping images of you looking your best. That kind of loyalty is rare and precious; enjoy it.

There’s already a little bit of buzz around Insta Boyfriend, and rightly – he’s a dreamboat. When you come to Rome, grab some pictures of yourself looking swish and stylish, in the most beautiful city in the world, with an Insta Boyfriend at your side.

by Annie Beverley

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