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The Games in Ancient Rome: Gladiators Fights at Colosseum & Horse Rides at Circus Maximus 

Skip the line on a private tour of the Colosseum & Circus Maximus, two of the most famous stadiums in history. The past will come to life on this intimate & personalised tour that even includes a break to taste artisanal Roman gelato.

Games & sporting events were just as important to the ancient Romans as they are to us today & there is no question as to where the Romans flocked in the thousands to see the most exciting & dramatic games: The Colosseum & the Circus Maximus. Both of these stadiums have gone down in history for the quality & scale of their spectacles & as blueprints for sporting arenas ever since. On this roman games tour, you’ll experience both in full detail (& with a delicious surprise in between). With your own private guide, you’ll be able to skip the lines & explore at your own pace, following the anecdotes & details most adapted to the interests of you & your group.

On the Colosseum private tour portion of the itinerary, you’ll discover where the Romans went to see gladiatorial combat. With seats for over 50,000 spectators, the Colosseum was the largest amphitheatre in the world, built with such astounding precision & beauty that it still stands to this day. Here, your guide will bring to life various elements of the daily functioning of the Colosseum in its prime from gladiator training to who could even be a gladiator to the types of fights, hunts & competitions that entertained all levels of society from paupers to politicians to the emperor himself.

Just down the road, the Romans could have chosen another way to pass an afternoon: watching the chariot races. In the Circus Maximus private tour, you’ll see the arena that was arguably even more popular than the Colosseum. A site for racing since the beginning of Rome’s history, the Circus was slowly built up over centuries until it was a gigantic stone stadium with seats for tens of thousands of spectators, cheering on their favourite charioteer.

In between the two arenas, you’ll take a break to partake in a more modern Roman pastime: the art of the perfect gelato. Stop at a local artisan gelato maker for a delectable, creamy pick-me-up in the heat of the day before continuing the tour.

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