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Rome Catacomb Closed to the General Public: Underground Exclusive Access

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We are thrilled to offer an incredibly exclusive experience in which you have the chance to enter an exclusive catacomb entirely on your own with your guide & no other visitors present.
Roma Experience has been granted exclusive access to this site that no other tour operators have. On this tour, you'll have the chance to visit Ancient Roman houses as well as one of the most unvisited catacombs in Rome.
The underground labyrinthine spaces of the catacombs are where Christians buried their dead at a time when it wasn't even legal to profess the faith. While the catacombs were popular medieval pilgrimage sites, they were eventually forgotten for centuries meaning many of the ancient frescoes remained untouched & undamaged. In the oldest part of the catacombs, you'll see a rare early image of Christ being crowned with thorns as well as the resurrection of Lazarus - all details that celebrated the numerous Christian martyrs who were entombed here.

This catacombs of Rome Tour is completed by a visit to underground Ancient Roman houses that have been preserved beneath the floors of a church on Caelian Hill. Ancient apartments, storerooms, roads, & even a frescoed courtyard are accompanied by a shrine to Christians martyred here in the 4th century. Both of these Rome underground sites offer a unique opportunity to walk through ancient spaces that have remained largely untouched by the passage of time and the growth of the modern city.

*If the church on Caelian Hill is closed we will visit the church of St. Clement*

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