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Devils & Monsters Tour -
Bomarzo & Canale Monterano


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For lovers of adventure & mystery, Roma Experience has thought of an esoteric itinerary to discover the most imaginative part of the Region Latium, just over an hour from Rome.


A perfect excursion to spend a day full of wonder & imagination.


Bomarzo, with its park of monsters, wanted by Vicino Orsini, shakes the unconscious and challenges the imagination. A dreamlike journey into the most hidden part of themselves; the stone sculptures of Bomarzo have the power to tell us their own story but also to create our own, the one they can arouse just by looking at them.


This enchanted stone labyrinth was also admired by Salvador Dalì, who fell madly in love with it, considering it the forerunner of surrealism.


After a lunch break, the tour continues with the splendid Canale Monterano, a ghost town abandoned at the end of the 18th century due to a pandemic. Artists such as De Rossi and Bernini have been able to transform their ideas into local stone, echoing the memories of their Roman works.


The genius loci of the place, represented by a fig tree, will introduce you to the soul of this enchanted place.


This unusual tour will take you to discover two of the most beautiful places that Tuscia Viterbese can offer, in the company of an expert guide at your following.

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