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Creating the Empire: From Caesar’s Death to Augustus’s Rise

On this private guided tour of the city centre, you’ll follow in the footsteps of Rome’s great rulers as you trace the fall of the Roman Republic with Caesar’s death to the rise of the first emperor Augustus.

As the first emperor of Rome, Augustus built a massive mausoleum not only as a resting place for himself & his dynasty but as a monument to his memory & the power of the role of emperor that he created.

The best-preserved ancient Roman temple in the city, the Pantheon is the perfect place to see how the Romans worshipped a plethora of gods & goddesses as well as get a sense of the opulence and grandeur of ancient Roman architecture.

Looking down into the ruins of Caesar’s forum, you can see how the 1st-century b. C politician set about using public spaces to redefine the role of leadership during the decline of the Roman Republic.

The altar created to celebrate the peace under the empire of Augustus is narrating important events in the history of Rome, from the legend of the creation of Rome to the descendants of goddess Venus.

The spot of the assassination of Julius Caesar on the steps of the Senate is hidden under the ruins of this majestic archaeological area, where the cats are the guardians.

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