A Red Petals Shower Show — At Pentecost In The Pantheon, Rome

“The world needs men and women who are not closed in on themselves, but filled with the Holy Spirit”, said Pope Francis as he presided over Mass in St Peter’s Basilica this Pentecost Sunday…

The Upside-Down World Of The Roman Empire

Nothing more than the intangible way of drawing the world signals the end of it… and the birth of a new one!

Vesta, The Goddess Of Family, And The Sacred Virgins Of Rome

Coffee is a culture in Italy, a way of life.  Something new to me, something I thought I understood, but boy was I wrong.  Last year my family moved to Italy from the US.  Back in the States… READ MORE

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The Laocoon Group At The Vatican Museums

— Does punishment come to the goods? One of the first things that enchant tourists when visiting Rome is the abundance of culture and the richness of symbols and history. A tour of Rome or Vatican Tour…

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