Five Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Rome

Rome is one of those cities which takes a while to reveal itself; a city of layers, which continues to reward archaeologists today with surprising finds. We’ve dug deep to come up with some unusual facts about the capital which even the better traveled among you might not have heard. Read on!

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The Eternal City, one of rich history, intriguing culture, and a certain charm that seems to exude its every piazza and street corner. If you are planning your first trip to Rome and not quite sure what to fill your days with while there

5 Things To Know About Rome’s Extraordinary Jubilee Of Mercy

All you need to know about the Jubilee in Rome, it’s importance, its significance, its history. This article will tell you how you can experience the Jubilee either by traveling or by simply staying at home. But if you come to Rome for the Jubilee than there is stuff you might want to know before you jump on the plane… 

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19 Surprising Facts About Rome

— Rome is a wonderful holiday destination. It’s the cradle of Western civilisation and it’s Italy’s great capital. But here are 19 weird, wacky and totally surprising facts

A Red Petals Shower Show — At Pentecost In The Pantheon, Rome

“The world needs men and women who are not closed in on themselves, but filled with the Holy Spirit”, said Pope Francis as he presided over Mass in St Peter’s Basilica this Pentecost Sunday…