Top 10 Best Holiday Houses In Rome

The capital of Italy, the gorgeous Rome, is a wonderful destination known for its millennial history and the great number of buildings which display art and culture. READ MORE…

Pasquino And The Talking Statues Of Rome

– This is Pasquino. He’s looking somewhat the worse for wear these days, but then you would be too, if you’d been sitting outside for several hundred years… READ MORE…

This Is Why Visiting The Colosseum Underground Will Change Your Perspective On Rome

I was in a small group of people, and despite the reassurance of being there with an expert tour guide, I felt an icy shiver run down my spine. I followed the guide… READ MORE…

A Guide To Rome Best Neighborhoods: Trastevere

This is the postcard-perfect Rome you’ve been looking for, with winding cobbled streets, ivy-covered palazzi and vibrant street life. It’s impossible to do justice… READ MORE

Shadow And Light: Discovering The Dark World Of Caravaggio In Rome

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He was constantly getting into fights. He was repeatedly arrested, and jailed for assault. He killed a man and was forced to flee from Rome. While awaiting a papal pardon, he died suddenly in mysterious circumstances… READ MORE

Bernini Vs Borromini: A Baroque Rivalry

In the 17th century, two men transformed Rome. Gianlorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini left a long-lasting architectural legacy, which can still be seen almost everywhere you look in the…

Face To Face With The Geniuses Of The Renaissance In The Raphael Rooms

We all know about Michelangelo and his artistic achievements in the Sistine Chapel. But while Michelangelo was covering the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with prophets, sibyls and stories from the Bible, another artist was working on his own masterpieces…

Rising From Destruction: Palmyra At The Colosseum

Until Dec 11, 2016 visiting the Colosseum will give you the chance to admire beautifully restored remnants of Palmyra bas-reliefs and a full-size giant winged bull accurately reconstructed by specialized art experts.