Shopping By The Vatican: The Case Of Prati Neighbourhood

One of the best parts of travel is certainly shopping. But, where do you go? And where do you go in Rome? Sure, I could go on and on about Via Condotti lined with… READ MORE

No Rules Apply In Rome: My Personal Account Of Moving To Italy

Rome Attractions | Roma Experience

Not All Parks Are Created Equal: The Park Of Villa Borghese In Rome

Those crisp winter mornings are fading, and that spring smell has once again returned.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the children are restless to get outside.  The park is the perfect combination of relaxation and entertainment.  Not all parks are created equal though, Borghese Park… READ MORE…

Beasts Of The Colosseum

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Rome’s most feared arena. The Flavian amphitheater. The Colosseum. Its reputation precedes it. It’s been years since I have taken a formal Colosseum tour… by Christine B. READ MORE

Espresso As A State Of Mind: Drinking Coffee In Rome

Coffee is a culture in Italy, a way of life.  Something new to me, something I thought I understood, but boy was I wrong.  Last year my family moved to Italy from the US.  Back in the States… READ MORE

What To Eat (And Where To Eat) In Rome

There’s no shortage of good pizza in Rome, but be aware that it’s usually extremely thin and crispy. If you really want to fill up on pizza, you’ll have to head down south to… READ MORE

Goddesses And Female Saints: A Close Look At The Basilica Of Santa Francesca Romana

“I found Rome built of sun-dried bricks, I leave her clothed in marble.” Such were the last words, according to his biographer Suetonius, of the first and the greatest of all Roman Emperors, Octavius Augustus, whose death occurred… READ MORE