How Rome’s Triumphal Arches Inspired The World

Gateways had an ancient, symbolic resonance for the Romans, who associated them with death and victory. Both imply a passage into a brave new world and the Roman armies, masters of siege warfare, breached… READ MORE…

Seek Out The Perfect Cup Of Coffee On Your Trip To Rome

The Italian love affair with coffee is an enduring one. While the black stuff first arrived through the Republic of Venice in the 1600s, coffee is a passion which has spread across the Italian peninsular, transforming into a slightly different experience in each city…. READ MORE

Off The Beaten Path Rome Tours: Exploring Testaccio

When in Rome make sure you visit the little known neighborhood of Testaccio. It is still an authentic not-so touristy area where you can find great food and great people.

3 Great Places to Eat Around the Vatican

Say it softly, but the area around the Vatican hasn’t always been associated with eating well in Rome. Home to plenty of tourist traps, thankfully today there are plenty of options for good value, tasty, authentic food, even with a view of St. Peter’s Dome… READ MORE

Giordano Bruno in Campo de’ Fiori

Campo dei Fiori is a section of Rome that lies west of Largo Argentina and just across the street from Piazza Navona. During the day the central piazza is the location of an open-air market.

Best Kept Secret in Rome?

I’m going to let you in on one of the best-kept Secrets of Rome.  It’s a short walk from the most famous part of town, but just far enough off the beaten path that you’ll have it all to yourself.  What is it? Take the B line and…

Woman Dressed as a Guinness

When in Rome, Drink Like an Irish

Italy is known for its wine, not its beer.  Depending on how long you stay here, you might find yourself pining for a break from Birra Moretti and Nastro Azzuro.  On such an occasion, it’s only natural to want to throw back a few rounds of Kilkenny beneath a giant mural of James Joyce.  Here then are three Irish pubs within a Blarney Stone’s throw from…