Giordano Bruno in Campo de’ Fiori

Campo dei Fiori is a section of Rome that lies west of Largo Argentina and just across the street from Piazza Navona. During the day the central piazza is the location of an open-air market.

Best Kept Secret in Rome?

I’m going to let you in on one of the best-kept Secrets of Rome.  It’s a short walk from the most famous part of town, but just far enough off the beaten path that you’ll have it all to yourself.  What is it? Take the B line and…

Woman Dressed as a Guinness

When in Rome, Drink Like an Irish

Italy is known for its wine, not its beer.  Depending on how long you stay here, you might find yourself pining for a break from Birra Moretti and Nastro Azzuro.  On such an occasion, it’s only natural to want to throw back a few rounds of Kilkenny beneath a giant mural of James Joyce.  Here then are three Irish pubs within a Blarney Stone’s throw from…

Cleaning the Sistine Chapel

Nothing more than the intangible way of drawing the world signals the end of it… and the birth of a new one!

The Open Mouth of St. Teresa in Ecstasy by Bernini

Saint Teresa’s Spiritual Orgasm

In the mid-1640’s, Gian Lorenzo Bernini was going through a tough time. After a few years of living in reclusive misery, he was commissioned by Cardinal Federico Cornaro to do a sculpture for the cardinal’s family chapel…

Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck from Roman Holiday to The Omen.

If mystery is what you want, look no further. Rome is not only La Dolce Vita, and Roman Holiday. Rome is the new Babylon, the Great Harlot of the Apocalypse, the epitome of all deceptions and intrigues—as it has been regarded by so many, through the centuries. If there is a…